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  1. Just_Red_Fox

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    actually i found it. It was flying in the air above me .
  2. Just_Red_Fox

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    After a storm i tried to use the rover but this happend . When i dismounted the rover flew away but one wheel stayed on its place...
  3. Is there a dynamite in the game now?
  4. The same thing. This stupid habitats "places" after each saving and quitting. I built a shuttle and put the habitat on it, after reloading of the world i got undisconnectable habitat and flying island of earth.
  5. Just_Red_Fox

    Drone and Robot Helpers

    +1, good idea)
  6. The same thing is with all other things like solar panels
  7. I think that players must have ability to destroy their creations, because they may want to rebuild their bases. Also I had very interesting bug with shuttle and habitat(I'll post about it in "Bugs & crashes".