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    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Please make wind power more consistent.Solar should be powerful, but with the drawback of night, but Wind should have a lower power output cap, but give power almost all the time. If the planet has any kind of weather, it should have the minimal amount of wind power.
  2. Artimecion

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    I have to disagree with some of your notions. I've been finding plenty of ammonium. And I haven't even explored/exaveted 20% of the terran planet. Probably a lot less. And ammonium seems to be very plentiful on other planets as well. Gotta spend ammonium to make ammonium! additionally, I'm not quite sure it would be possible for this game as it is designed from the ground up to be anything other than linear unless they made every resource so easy to find, that it negates the need to travel off world or really do any exploration. And if it is so rare, your better off following the laid out progression path to move forward at all anyways, making the change essentially useless. Other than resource acquisition, there really is nothing stopping you from playing in any of the ways you described, but unfortunately resource acquisition is a pillar of which the game was built on. I did see in the dev map that they want/ plan on making a free play mode. That might solve a lot of that later down the road.
  3. Artimecion

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    I'm not really sure why so many are down on the Solid Fuel Thruster. I feel like it's a pretty elegant solution that balances cost/benefit, and time from start to space. Nothing will ever be perfect, but this is simple and also encourages resource planning. I think that is a positive. Now for my overall feedback. What an outstanding patch. Out of all my early access games I've tried, Astroneer never disapoints. There are a few buggy/glitchy areas I'd like to point out. First, I seem to randomly lose the ability to pick up items or open my backpack with the mouse/main input. When this occurs I can open my catalog, interact with Q and E functions. But not resources, moving platforms or modules. Non-Terran worlds also appear to be a bit buggy. My terrain tool seems to have issues using the level tool. The holograms on my backpack printer shake/vibrate. I've also experienced being flung into the air suddenly and being dropped and killed. I've posted some of this in the bug topic but I thought I would repeat here for feedback. Things I'd like to see in the future: I want more day-to-day tasks. Maintanance and cleaning. Repairing. I'd like to see storms deposit dirt on modules that do t get used, moved or otherwise interacted with. And on tundra planets maybe a new terrain tool attachment to melt blocks of ice of machines and components. Something like that might also lead into new gameplay features that require thoughtful planning that is still intuitive. I would also like to see a map and compass. Also can we get gold and silver added to the game!? They be so fancy!
  4. Artimecion

    can not pick up anything

    This is also happening to me. It seems to happen very often, though I'm having a hard time reliably reproducing. It seems to be happening most often when entering and exiting the Habitat, at least that seems to be when I notice it occur. I'm in Multiplayer when this is happening. V Early Access Alpha.
  5. hello! I accidentally drove my rover OVER my research bay and I can't get it off. PC/Steam Keyboard/mouse Rover had seat, windpower, solar power. Research station appears to be usable. I can get in and out of the rover, but wont' budge. uses power when attempting to move. A stuck feature would be nice or even a deconstruction option would be great to recoup a portion of the materials for either the station or the rover. I can't figure out how to take a screenshot in the game so sorry I can't provide one. Demolishing pieces of your base would seem like a good feature even without the presence of bugs. Just saying! Thank you and LOVE the game so far. can't believe this is just alpha!