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  1. I actually used to do this in one of the alpha builds for constant power. Not sure if it's possible anymore (but the addition of RTGs makes it less worthwhile anyway).
  2. The 5 non-moon planets have 6 chambers - north pole, south pole, and 4 spread out on the equator at equal distances from each other. When you orbit a planet, you orbit around the equator. The south pole is to the far left and the north pole is to the far right. When you are at a chamber looking at the diagram of other chambers you can teleport to, the north pole is at the bottom right node, the south pole is at the top left node, and the remaining nodes draw the equator.
  3. I still think you're nuts! But whatever works lol. I guess the benefit of this is you can carry it between portals without needing to craft any packagers.
  4. Petrataur

    has anyone found a good way to activate all towers

    RTGs actually have a higher throughput than medium batteries on top of being producers instead of storage. (RTG=4A, batteries=3A). So, aside from resource restrictions preventing you from creating RTGs, there's no need to use medium batteries once you can make RTGs. If we're talking about a medium storage with 8 small batteries, that's actually a huge resource dump (8 lithium = 32 scrap). It's way more expensive than 1 RTG if you go by scrap value. Personally I would never do it, mainly because I wouldn't end up using all those little batteries for anything else afterwards.
  5. Nice! My tip is to arrange them in a big circle that goes around your base, with space in the middle for you to access all of them. You have to do a lot less running that way.
  6. Good lord. What would be nice is some kind of logic update, where we get switches and things to toggle multiple modules in a network at the same time.
  7. Petrataur

    has anyone found a good way to activate all towers

    I recently unlocked all the gateway chambers. For the 2 moons there's no trick, I just drove around til I found them both. For the 5 planets though, I always set up a base at the north pole chamber. From there, I drove a large rover loaded with as many RTGs I needed, south until I found one of the chambers on the equator. There are always 4 evenly spaced on the equator, plus 2 on the poles. So I just drive due east to find all the ones on the equator, then south to the last one at the pole. For the engines, I just drilled straight down holding whatever resource I would need to unlock it. I took a tractor with a drill, plus a trailer holding an RTG. Reason for this is they are all 1-slot when packaged so I could pick up all 4 and bring them through the teleporter to the next planet.
  8. Petrataur

    Getting back into the game

    Hey, what's with the pile of resources in the front lawn? We're getting complaints from the neighbors.
  9. Petrataur

    malachite missing ??

    Can confirm the easiest way to get way too much malachite is in mountain areas of Sylva. Drilling will be a little slow unless you have a drill mod.
  10. Petrataur

    MARS - Master Astroneer Reference Sheet

    Thanks Grey! And thanks again for the idea Virukino, the triptychs have been added
  11. Petrataur

    MARS - Master Astroneer Reference Sheet

    The gateway chambers should be in the "power guide" sheet (4th tab on the bottom). I didn't think to add the requirements for the engines, I may add that!
  12. Petrataur

    MARS - Master Astroneer Reference Sheet

    I wasn't sure the best way to present what crafting stations are required, but what I did was include the crafting station required for the final product in the "category" row (dark gray) and then column A is reserved for any other crafting stations that are required before the final product. For example, any composite resource that includes gases have Atmospheric Condenser in column A, but the Chemistry Lab isn't in there because it's in the dark gray category row since it applies to all of them.
  13. Hey guys, I posted this in the general forum a little while ago but I'm realizing it can help with a lot of the questions being asked here. I want to make sure it reaches anyone who will find it useful. Spoiler alert (kind of), as this guide does go over the power requirements for all of the "alien structures" you may have seen scattered around the surface, but that's about it. Otherwise, it's just a guide on where materials can be found, everything they are used for, crafting flowcharts that list out all the raw materials for any final product, and info on all items relating to power production, consumption, and storage: I've been working on / refining this for a while and will probably continue to do so if anything changes in future updates. Since I posted this in the general forum a few things have been updated or added, and the name was changed to Master Astroneer Reference Sheet because acronyms are fun. Enjoy!
  14. Petrataur

    Auto Save

    Saving takes a few seconds, at least for me. I'm not gonna comment on whether that is reasonable or something they should improve because I'm not a game developer. But it's not something you want happening randomly when you're exploring. Just remember to enter a shelter or vehicle every once in a while. And if you screw something up and want to undo it, just Alt+F4 and reload the game - that's the nice thing about how saving works in this game. I had to do this a few times back in the old days with the original habitat, since it was so easy to accidentally click the button above it to permanently plant it in the ground (holding the interact key to activate things is a good change).
  15. Petrataur

    Alignment Augment a huge let down.

    Where did this zombie thread come from?? Anyway, just to put this one to bed I'll second what Nawlbergs said. To make a perfectly flat surface you can use the alignment tool on a small area, then take it off and use the standard flatten mode to extend that surface. I learned this recently from someone on Youtube. If you're looking for a neat floor originating under your shelter, just do this trick starting in the middle of the shelter. You won't really be able to see what you're doing but it should work.