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  1. cyberhedz

    An "Exploration" mode

    Sandbox mode, no resource collection, but you can use the tool with unlimited power and oxygen, I like it! maybe start with your habitat and a rover with a seat.
  2. +1 to the GPS satellites and receiver!!!
  3. cyberhedz

    Base Building Suggestions

    I agree, a "Ground Station Tether" should be available, and it can be the same cable used for linking modules, vehicles, and large solar panels, except, we can place them like our existing tether. It would be nice to not have to use cars to get the large solar panels power back to my base.
  4. cyberhedz

    Droid Companions

    I love it, It would also be really cool if it could deliver stuff to your base. -Postal mode - Two slot delivery to your habitat. you could put research or resources on it, and have it deliver it home, then return to you.
  5. Pretty simple request. I'd like to see some form of consolidated storage tanks. the way the Shuttle stores the fuel is a great example, it would be nice to have an "organic storage unit" that you could deposit into, and retrieve individually if needed. Alternatively, the ability to link to platforms with the resource would be great, but that's in another topic. "
  6. cyberhedz

    Resource Compressor

    I'd like to offer a suggestion to build a new platform, I'd like to refer to it a Resource Compressor. The purpose of this module, keeping with current layouts, would take 4 resources and convert them into a "condensed x" (i.e. 4 copper ore become 1 condensed copper ore). This would allow for a much better system of inventory management I think.