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  1. Game Performance Progress

    The thing is I haven't played since February (until this weekend). At the beginning of my new game FPS was high 150+ but as I built stuff and explored it was dropping down near 100ish fps. I suspect it will continue to drop until it's unplayable again? So, I'm back to the waiting game.
  2. Game Performance Progress

    Yeah I'm averaging 150ish FPS now. Where as before I was down near 30.
  3. Game Performance Progress

    I haven't played since like February so I saw a huge performance increase when I logged on the other day.
  4. Game Performance Progress

    Well I just logged on for the first time in about 8 months and I can say the game performance has increased a lot. Last night I was getting near 200 FPS with an average of around 150 FPS. Back when the game first came out I was lagging out near 30 FPS after I built a larger base. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore, which is nice. I may start playing a little more now seeing that performance has improved. It has improved quite a bit. See above post. Thanks.
  5. Game Performance Progress

    Just checking back in after a few more months on the games progress.... Has performance been increased? Bug fixes been sent out? I've been itching to get into this game just want to see if it's going to perform well.
  6. Game Performance Progress

    It's not so much the ground cover it's the fact the game stores more and more info as you build and it chokes the system. They need to have a way that the game only pulls in the info as it's needed and not hold on to it all at once.
  7. Game Performance Progress

    What do you mean by shinies and when is the next patch expected? Wow this forum has really died down since the beginning.
  8. Game Performance Progress

    Ok thanks. Looks like I'll hold off on playing for a while again. haha
  9. Game Performance Progress

    Thanks for your reply. I play on steam. 1070 GPU, i5 6600k CPU etc.
  10. Hey guys. So I played this game a lot when it was first released to us and, if any of you remember, in the beginning there were a lot of performance issues. The major issue was FPS loss after playing the game for hours. Among other things this turned me off from the game. I told myself I would wait to play it again until these issues were fixed so I haven't played since. My question is... how is the game now compared to the beginning? How is the FPS loss? Is it still there? Is it fixed? I know I could just log on and try it myself but I figured I would just ask the community instead playing for hours and fining out nothing has changed. Thanks guys!
  11. - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    This game is awesome but I've put it on hold until the performance issues are fixed. I'm itching to play it again, soon. So I hope the next patch has a huge increase in performance.
  12. Complete Feature List?

    Do you not have a job or something? Honestly it's annoying hearing people complain about not wanting to spend money on stuff they want. People don't hand you stuff for free in this world, you have to earn it and work for it. Seriously. Plus why wouldn't you want to get it now and when it's get's polished and goes live you already have the game for cheaper than what it will sell for.
  13. Complete Feature List?

    That's cheap. It costs me twice that much to fill my truck up with gas and I do that once or twice a week.
  14. I checked the resolution in the file and it's set to 2560 x 1080 and it's still not fitting on my screen correctly so I'm not sure anymore.
  15. 100% agree. If a game is to be released on a particular platform then we should have early access/GPP on that platform. BTW I play on PC and I think Xbox should get GPP whenever it can.