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  1. Yup me too spent almost a week terraforming around my base and was very happy with everything. Then quit the game in a hurry one evening whilst trade ship was away and it wont return, with no destroy building options that base was dead to me, so I packed up and moved to a new planet, even now when I orbit Terran I look at the home icon and shed a tear.. lol.
  2. Adz

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    After I build the spaceship but before I am able to install a seat it gets thrown around and ends up upside down detached from the vehicle bay. I have tried flattening the ground in a wide are around the vehicle bay and used different vehicle bays at various bases all with the same result. There is no way to return it to the vehicle bay and with no seat installed I cannot take off and land it somewhere safe. The rover seat or hab do not allow take off or set the spaceship back on its feet.
  3. Adz

    Fully Working Space Station

    I like the idea of a space station but think it would work better as the starting point and tutorial of the game. But you could also return to the station and continue upgrading it once you had built your first shuttle or space ship. The station would have a shuttle/spaceship docking point at the centre but begin with just a hab which was launchable when you had completed the tutorial. It would have slots for buildings and equipment (printer, fuel condensor, solar panel, battery, etc) similar to how the hab does. The tutorial would take you through building some of the basic modules and equipment and end with you launching to your first planet.
  4. Adz


    Lol, anal I know but it was the first thing I thought about 2mins in to the game. The hab door should be open when we are out and closed when we are in it. Dust storm aaahg! quick get in the hab, omg the door is open and rocks are flying at me nooooo, shut the door, shut the
  5. Adz

    Vehicle ideas

    The vehicle building is good as it is and im sure more attachment options are on their way. Most importantly i'd like to see the addition of a physics and handling change to each type of vehicle chassis or build. Example of ideas; 1) Scout. Unmanned vehicle that surveys landscape dropping resource markers. 2) Rover. Just as it is with low storage slots, four wheels, fast, light lots of air and fun. 3) Truck. High storage slots, eight wheels, slightly slower, heavier and handles better with a lot less air. 4) Tanker. Large resource storage tank, caterpillar tracks, much slower, turns on the spot, no air. 5) Digger. Terraformer able to excavate or build large areas of terrain.
  6. Love the idea of alternative backpacks or spacesuits and the ability to upgrade them. Alternative backpacks or suits could be available through research, they could be craftable at the printer and the habitats could be used as a point of storage and to change in to them.
  7. Adz

    Undo last action feature

    Totally agree with option to destroy a building and for extra tool options, I'm sure those are in the pipeline. Im referring to a simple cancel action to picking up an item and to the last click on excavation. I'm sure, when excavating, you've experienced the 'noooo!! I didn't want to do that' scenario lol.
  8. So this has now happened to, and ruined, my second game. Returned to a base after a mission to set up on a new planet and found additional terrain layers floating above existing ones and massive missing sections of terrain. They are invisible from one side but visible from the other and if fallen through usually end in a one way trip to the planet core
  9. Please add an 'undo last action' to controls. Mapped to xbox 'B' as this is typically the cancel button. When altering terrain I often wish I could go back one click because I have just ruined my creation. I also find that too much time is spent trying to correct picking up the wrong item and then putting it back in the wrong place because the camera has moved unexpectedly.
  10. Xbox1. Played with no issues for a couple of days but after loading my save one evening I found my starter planet had some new ghostly terrain layers and large areas had dissapeared totally. I had built my base on the original ground level, in a slight depression, with little to no excavation but there was a new ground level (invisible but indicated by plants and rocks floating) above my base, effectively putting the base underground. I could also came upon long straight lines where the terrain simply stopped and I could see down through the planet. When I used the terrain tool near the floating debris, or the edge of the straight lines to nothing, the new terrain layers would become visible and form. I decided to run with the bug and spent hours repairing the land and some very intersting terrain evolved but ultimately the save became unplayable.
  11. Adz

    Frame rate Xbox one

    I am also on xbox but have only experienced this when I took my space ship to the 'Exotic' planet. I landed in an area with lots of trees full of research items. The framerate was so slow it took roughly 30secs to turn the view a full 360* around my character
  12. To increase the immersion and sense that this is my character and base and that these are my choices I'd like to see some distinct character types with different build options. A choice of starting character, like Engineer or Biologist, could be introduced with their own distinct path of development and structure types. E.g. Biologist - Animal drawn transport, slower but refuels on its own. Skills and traits that enhance survivability or provide immunity when encountering certain hazards. A distinct graphical style for the character, equipment and buildings that reflects the path. Engineer - Faster vehicles that are fuel hungry. Equipment and tech that help survive other hazards. A distinct graphical style for the character, equipment and buildings that reflects the path.
  13. Adz

    Habitable base buildings.

    Existing buildings could be leveled up or higher tiers of construction options could be researched. Building a cave system is fun but to add variety I'd like to be able to live and shelter from storms inside my base. The choice of advanced base builder or terrain crafter could be introduced as two different paths of development e.g. tech vs nature skills and equipment.
  14. A large main base that could be walked around, constructed and decorated from the inside. With internal access to add-ons like bio domes, engine rooms, research labs, garages etc. and a lift to a shuttle pad on the roof :-)