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  1. But: Why changing this now if it's a W.I.P.? Why should I play creative mode if my request is farming in survival mode? Why do many players think farming is not legit/exploit when it was a possibility/way to play that embrace more players?
  2. Now you're exaggerating this. This is the right time to complain devs' decisions, not when ASTRONEER is 1.0. Also System Era wants players's feedback and I, as a player, I don't agree with this solution. I don't criticize your way to play but I would play mine if the devs want listen to me. I keep exploring, traveling, dying. Watch No Man's sky: its gameplay is very dull, only masochists want them (eliminate resources from inventory, no chests, THE INVENTORY IS FULL, mining, mining, mining) Watch Minecraft: you need to survive (don't starve, don't be killed by creepers) but you can choose how to gather resources (mining, trading with villagers, exploring, creating farms etc.) and THIS is a huge point to Minecraft. I think multiple ways to gather resources is crucial to make a better game than NMS. If you don't agree with me, it's ok. I'm pleased to share opinions about that.
  3. Why changing? If you don't like this way, don't follow it. I don't understand why all is complaining about that. I built a vehicle too and I went exploring and gathering resources, so it doesn't break the experience, but it enhances, makes me free to choose how to find resources. You and I have paid 20$ and hearing "you'll adapt" is quite disrespectful, isn't it?
  4. You got the point, now 8 hydrazin = 1 titanium, which isn't fair because 8 compost/resin = 1 titanium
  5. Hi! I'm testing the new beta update and I don't agree with new balancement system. When I move up to another planet/moon, I need a lot of resine if I want to start my new base and hydrazine is like my money for exchange other materials that couldn't be find except travelling. I'm fine with double requirement of energy to make it work, but this adjustment hasn't made me happy. P.S: "This is the way meant to be played". Well, if a lot of players enjoy doing farming of fuel, why not? And if you don't want play like me, you are free to play as you like. Thank you