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  1. Smidthey

    spawned in a random cave

    so youre rower was standing on the surface beforehand? and i think you should post this on the bugs and glitches site.
  2. Smidthey

    Space Debree?

    they are things you have placed on an other planet, there is a glitch that makes it so you see all the thing you have placed on an other planet, apear like that.
  3. Smidthey

    Few Ideas for in game, 48hrs in game!!!!

    it is all really good ideas, i would like to get the panic rush when there comes a meteor shower. And who dosent want a personal R2D2.
  4. Smidthey

    How many Devs

  5. Smidthey

    Driving wheeled vehicles - il-logical

    I like that idea, i also find it anying the way you drive the vehicles.
  6. Smidthey

    [Suggestion] Exploration Drone

    I think its a good way for you to find and lokcate stuff, but i dont think it could negate having a map to make youre way around the planet
  7. Smidthey

    Difficulty Options.

    Good idea you got there mate.
  8. Smidthey

    space station

    It could be a place where you could store items and transport them between places. this could also lead to nonmanded rockets.
  9. Smidthey

    More Automation

    I like the idea of convaeyers on top of the pipes, then you could make a giant storage system, then when you want to make something on a printer conected to the storage system, I takes the required items, from the storage.
  10. Smidthey

    Home Beacon that can be seen from anywhere.

    Its a good idea to make it so you can see youre base from anywhere on a planet as long as you are on the planet
  11. Smidthey

    Movable base

    Its a good idea to have a moveable base, so you culd rescearch when you find those balls, instead of having to bring them back to youre base evry time, there is a lot of potetial in this, i think.
  12. Smidthey

    Save lives

    I think it can be annoying that the game saves every time you go in to a habitat or a vehicle, i think this feature shuld be remouved and you should save in the menu instead and load a savegame.
  13. Smidthey

    Different base options

    Its a really good idea to have those storege and energy generating modules, i think that you in the end dont explore to much because you dust cant fit in to youre base, so it would be a perfect thing to add in the near future.
  14. Smidthey

    How many Devs

    So i just wanted to get an idea of many Devs there are working on the game at this point in time.
  15. Smidthey

    Living Dome

    I think its a very good idea to make it so you have to make the Sphere out of somthing to life glass or a forcefield.