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  1. Bogus

    Germans Forum go down, why ?

    It was a Commuinity forum, the owners say they had tried to get in contact with the Astroneers developer, but they would not have looked at them. So the forum was now closed. I find very sad, but I am considering whether I should open a forum for the German-speaking users of Astronneers.
  2. Hi there ;D I not know, this is the right place, so sorry for this. But I think is very sad, that give no more a forum for the gamer from germany.Why ? The germany owners say, they no contact besomes to the devs from astroneer. I not know, thats right or wrong, but I think is better a forum here and not a extra forum. So I can say Astroneers is a good game with a big future ;D Have a nice Day ;D Gerriet
  3. Thanks ;D But make your pic in the sig a little bit smaller pls ;D Have a nice Day ;D Bogus
  4. Hello all ;D How I can delete the saves from the Game ? Have a nice Day ;D Bogus
  5. Bogus

    Beacon Labels

    You mean with beacon the lightfire ? then yes I full agree ;D
  6. Bogus

    Call Me crazy but, Dome habitat!!

    Hmm .. I think hall better, more places
  7. Bogus

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    @Sumatra The best way was, when if give a board for the users, the not can so good englisch. I am comes from germany and my englisch is a little bit bad. But I have many years was I in irc-chats or boards, so I have learn the language. Ok the gramatic is not soo *gg But the most ppl understand me and that is for me important ;D
  8. Bogus

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Hello All ;D I have buy yesterday the game and is very very amazing. I have seen at first bye Gronkh on his Twitch stream last Friday. Is very suprised for me, that the game have is multilanguage, so is the playing not so difficult. I think the game has very good future and I have many fun in the game ;D So I can say now, Big Thanks for this Game ;D Have a nice Day ;D Bogus