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  1. Loving all the new base building features - I can see an even "brighter future" ahead from them! The black power conduits are a great concept. So now that power can be more widely used - there should be some kind meter of the current total power capacity, with numbers going up and down as power is made/used. This could be a printable device that could be sat on a small platform - and thru the "hidden radio system" in the base (!!!) could transmit this data to the power meter. To further enable the concept of radio - there could be yet another "telemetry device" to print and set on a platform with the receiver on (or already built in) a rover.
  2. Hmm - could there be an attachment to the front of a Large Rover (which has a stock of form of metal or ore), and create the tracks, and lay them down as it goes. Does sound a bit exotic though! :-)
  3. On second thought - what else would a coordinate system be used for - if not for recording locations? The dev's prob already have their own (like Subnautica) internal system - would be nice to make it available to game.
  4. Yep! Knowing where you are or where would be a big help. In Subnautica, there is a constant readout of x-y-z coords - but it is not part of the game! Can't understand why simply having a system to 'know where this is' so you can come back is such a difficult concept to get out there. ANYTHING - just something unique that you can write down and use later.
  5. Greets! Loving the game - with new features is is getting much less boring! One big prob I see is the titles of the various stations and other stationary items is WAY too large! The screen becomes a clutter of text, see-thru items and labs. One is an experienced player much longer than they are a noob - and need the help of the titles and tips. It would be very helpful if in Settings the text could be turned off. If not that - at least cut it back by 20 or 30 points! :-)
  6. I have a second Habitat some distance from the first. Took my truck and 3 rovers to the new home. Truck and one Rover had a removable seat. Kept the rover w/seat aside for short runs to explore. In previous versions, when the Truck started the insane bouncing crap I installed a new seat and it settled down. So tried it again - took the seat off the truck, set it aside, and used the one that was on the rover. AMAZING - Truck has settled down and is working as it should. Just something you can try - no idea if it a 'real' fix - but helped me.
  7. It would be nice if major items could be 'deconstructed' and the materials would go to inventory or on the ground. Then the item could be re-built and possibly get past the bug... The jumping-vehicle deal is pretty bad as you can put a a lot of hours to get the rover/truck only to get the work severely crippled & made useless when you can no longer do long range searches for materials or research items. I'm really hoping this bug can get escalated to a high priority as it is really is a killer.
  8. Thanks for the reply! I will start a whole new game and have hope my vehicles will behave! Also good to know how seats work. In an earlier version, I took the seat off a jumping truck and end up being flown away some distance with it. When I printed a new seat for the truck, it behaved well - so I'm guessing the seat was involved.
  9. As of previous version (before 2/16/17) the Rover and Truck and become pretty unusable with the constant bouncing and flipping - and showing up high in the air. Just wondering before I start a new game if this has been fixed in today's release. Also - seat was not removable from Rover or Truck - think it was before...
  10. Also stuck with this "hilarious" (NOT) bug. IT also seems the seats are no longer removable from Truck or Rover. In the past was able to take seat off, and do the 'fly-away' trick - then come back an gen a new seat... which would behave. Now with seats stuck on vehicles, the game gets pretty unplayable... again.
  11. As of latest version (as of 2-13-2017) still getting the bug where Truck flips when I exit. It can be righted again, but then flips on the next exit. Hope this will be soon fixed as it is pretty much a show-stopper for me. Thing is - you never know when it is going to strike, and hours of play can be lost as there is no way to destruct a bad or bugged truck and start over - short of a whole new game.
  12. Yep - just went back in (for shits and grins) and discovered my missing Rover was way up in the sky! Tried to get to it and the 3-dot marker disappeared into the ground... previous lost vehicles showed their marker and then the markers went away as I ran to them. Game is pretty much unplayable as of this release 2.117...
  13. Have laid back on Astroneer as it seems pretty buggy... but gave it another go. So - just lost YET ANOTHER Rover - insta-evaporate in a cave. Got out to get some POWER and looked around and no Rover in sight! This is the 3rd vehicle I've lost this way. Also the crazy 'jumping vehicle" but is still around... At least I HOPE it is a bug and not a feature. A big PITA to get out of your vehicle and have it do insane flopping and jumping for no good reason. A wonderful game - just not really ready for any serious play - far to easy to loose hours of work thru no error or mistake. The Save System is a bummer as well. There appears to be only ONE current save - and if you restore a game from a week ago - too bad - your current game is now that week old game - No going back! Sorry hard-core Dayz-vets - This pseudo-permadeath is NOT fun. Think it is time to wait for a few releases to go by and see if the game gets a bit more forgiving... even as a pre-release Alfa this is pretty unstable.