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    just 3 ideas

    Thanks buddy I'll give that a try ??
  2. Danqrl

    Vehicle disappeared

    I have had a shuttle, rover, truck and 3 storage racks that were place on the ground all disappear on me
  3. Danqrl

    Items stuck in smelter

    I have this too on xbox one
  4. Danqrl

    Stuck when exiting space capsule

    I have this but can't escape by jumping or anything, can only get in or out if the shuttle. I'm on Xbox one.
  5. Danqrl

    Tethers not saved correctly

    I have this too on Xbox one
  6. Danqrl

    Beacon on backpack

    I have this too, also on Xbox one
  7. Just a bit of fun, using just a shuttle, a seat, the triangle storage piece and 3 storage racks from the printer you are to load up the shuttle with that whatever resources you choose and then set off to a planet and build as much of a planetary outpost as you can out there using only the resources you loaded onto your shuttle, you cannot gather anything from the new planet. see what you can come up with...if you want. ?
  8. Wow I have been simp,y blown away by this game, I didn't know that much about it when I bought it in the game preview programme and when I took off from my planet and looked at the solar system and the other planets I could visit my jaw literally fell open. I have so much love for this game already and I can't wait to see it develop over time. I have posted a few things in different topics in the forum but I just thought I would make a little summary here as I take the opportunity to say thanks for making a great game and bringing to the Xbox GPP programme. i have had a few bugs as you would expect and here are a few I have had in the Xbox build just for info, frame rate drops very very low once you have a developed base and vehicles, I flew to the barren moon afte I had made a complete and stocked base on the starter planet and when I arrived on the moon the frame rate was super super low and made me feel a bit sick. tethers seem to move or disappear, I have established tether links from my base into a cave or out across the planets surface and every now and then I notice I'm not getting oxygen anymore so run back across the tether network to find the break and I either need to adjust an existing tethers distance or place a new one to fix it. when collecting resources out of the ground I sometimes suck the ground away and the resource stays floating in the air and I'm unable to collect it. i have had shuttles, rovers, trucks and storage tracks that were on the ground just disappear, they were there and I turn away and access my backpack and when I look back they are gone. I have also had rovers and trucks that were at my base (just near it not the there or in the vehicle bay) and after visiting another planet and returning to the starter planet they had gone. Nowhere to be found. i have landed back at my base in the shuttle and when I press X to exit I'm stuck underneath the shuttle and can't move, because it landed in the vehicle bay I can't deform terrain to get out either. i crafted a beacon and it was in the 3rd slot down in the left hand row of my backpack storage. It became unselectable and I couldn't get it out.mi tried dying then collecting resources from my dead bodies backpack but the beacon was still unselectable. the smelter keeps residue of the last resource you smelted in its right hand most slot. This stops you smelting a different resource until you have activated the smelter to get rid of the residue. It happens after smelting a full load of 4 slots of a resource. im having so much fun with this game though and the above is expected and not harming my experience at all. Below are some things I would like to see which again I have out elsewhere but here they are in summary. Compass for when in the vehicle, it's really hard to find your base again without a persistent visible compass for your rover/truck. an option to delete saves and maybe another way to identify the saves other than time and date of the save, naming the save slots maybe? nameable beacons an incinerator or something you can craft to get rid of excess resources you have gathered and don't want to hang on to. thanks again guys, can't wait to see what's coming and keep on playing.
  9. Danqrl

    Two Ideas to Nerf Hydrazine Trade

    I have to agree I have been thinking that the trading station paired a fuel condenser is a bit OP for gathering resources.
  10. Danqrl

    just 3 ideas

    How do you use the winch? I'm playing on Xbox so controller not keyboard and mouse sadly. I researched,. Built and fitted a winch but not sure how to use it.....it looks great though?
  11. Danqrl

    Some landscaping suggestions

    Land sculpting on Xbox is a bit difficult to be precise for me at the moment but maybe I need more practice. I agree the flattening tool could do with some indication of the level it will flatten at. I have tried to flatten terrain lots and ended up making a mountain or a hole where I just wanted smooth flat terrain.
  12. Danqrl

    Jetpacks that use a rare fuel.

    With the way you can deform the terrain I don't think you need a jetapck and maybe having a jetapck would lessen the use of the deform terrain tool which is one of the main and unique features of the game? Just my opinion. Something for longer sustained flight around the planet surface however could be good just for long distance travel quickly.
  13. Danqrl

    some ideas for future game additions

    So far I would really like to see a compass you can see when driving a rover/truck. i would like to see a landing pad for your shuttle too, it should be visible from orbit and labelled as such so you can land on the landing pad and not in the vehicle bay at your base. another idea, and I think it should be expensive if it exits but maybe a teleported for fast travel between bases on the same planet but I don't think you should be able to use it between planets.
  14. Danqrl

    Materials got stuck in a building

    On Xbox one when you fill the smelter with 4 of an item to smelt, after you have smelted the 4 raw materials and received 4 refined items the most right hand of the 4 smelter slots retains a bit of the last resource you smelted stoping you from smelting a different raw material. Of course with the residue in place you just activate the smelter again to get rid of it however I don't think it's supposed to happen.
  15. Danqrl


    I would really like and I think the game needs a compass for when you are in the vehicles just like you have when on foot. I set up an outpost on the barren moon and drove off in my rover and never found my base again lol.