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  1. Minor issue, items that the small shredder can't deal with just fall through the shredder as if it wasn't there. Would expect the item to just sit on top if it can't be processed.
  2. CodeIsBroken

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    From now on the "Small Rover" shall be known as the "Dune Buggy". Looks ace, thanks SE team! ** waits for the download to appear on Steam ? ** Though prob past my bedtime UK time ?
  3. CodeIsBroken

    0.5.1 Steam - Game always opens windowed

    Found the root cause. It was the display setting within the game itself. Display Mode was set to Windowed and some of the Graphic settings had also been downgraded.
  4. CodeIsBroken

    Brown Stubby Plants on Exotic (Steam 0.5.1)

    Agree, rather more annoying than stalagmites.
  5. CodeIsBroken

    Screenshots Megathread

    Goddam storm!
  6. CodeIsBroken

    Ability to transport rover via spaceship

    Could resemble something like the way they dropped the Mars rovers, slung under what would be a larger spaceship. It doesn't take much to build a rover off-world though. So long as you've unlocked all the items, then take whatever resource you need using a spaceship. They can be loaded with quite a number of items once you consider how many medium storage items you can attach to a large one.
  7. Noticed that Iron Ore and Titanium are pretty much the same colour and design. The one on the right is Titanium. Just my eyes in terms of colour?
  8. CodeIsBroken

    How do you unlock solar panels

    Ha, no worries. Brain fail happens to us all. Enjoy!
  9. CodeIsBroken

    red spiky balls

    One of many unclassified items currently in the game. Likely SE will give it a name and use at some point.
  10. CodeIsBroken

    How do you unlock solar panels

    See the latest patch notes from 0.5.0 onwards. It's all in there. Basically you need to start mining for bytes that allow you to unlock items.
  11. CodeIsBroken

    0.5.1 Steam - Game always opens windowed

    @shadowcrafter01 thanks for the steer. Unfortunately that has had no effect.
  12. CodeIsBroken

    Megabyte Challenge

    This challenge just really highlights the big issue with this change in the game. On the one hand it is good that you can pick what you can unlock. On the other, once you've u locked everything which doesn't take long, what is the point of racking up extra bytes?
  13. Only happened since 0.5.1. Game always opens windowed, even though it is not set to. Have to Alt+Enter to get it full screen.
  14. CodeIsBroken

    Wind Turbine

    The behaviour has been reported before and general response is that the turbines are acting like those in the real world. Next time its extremely take a look at one, you'll probably see it isnt spinning. It's a feature which stops the machinery from being damaged.
  15. CodeIsBroken

    Odd rover behaviour

    After playing for a few hours the rover started to display odd behaviour. First the small solar I had attached to the front of my rover decided that it wanted to be in my back pack when astroneer was sat in the rover. The animation would cycle around the solar being attached to the rover node and moving to my backpack. When I jumped out of the rover the solar would become detached. You can see it mid-flight in the image below. A few minutes later, stranger behaviour again. The rover started to buck when I exited, something I've seen before but not for some time. Then, when entering the rover the front-end embedded itself in the floor. Don't know whether this helps, but I was attempting to circumnavigate the planet.