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  1. For beta program maybe, but in normal version didn't. I'm testing with jack headphones instead of USB and works too.
  2. MiiC


    Working for me, I tried with -nosound option too and was way smoother but with jack headphones runs too. Thanks a lot astrodude!! \o/
  3. Yep, over three hours and fps drops again
  4. Steam user? Try launch with -nosound command in launch options, you will fave no sound, of course, but is testing time. Worked fine for me.
  5. Hi there! AMD FX and Nvidia 970 G1 user here, I tried the -nosound option and didn't crash or low FPS for me now. Half an hour playing and running fine, without sound, of course.
  6. For those who are missing the "saved" folder go to AppData\Local\Astro\Saved
  7. MiiC

    When i load the game i get this

    Windows 7 compatibility mode?
  8. Same issue here. AMD FX8350 24GB RAM 970 G1 Windows 10 Prof 64bits OS updated, game updated, tried with beta option and crashes every 2 minutes.