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  1. I'm not trying to be mean, but the games minimum specs and recommended specs are right on the store page. If your PC doesn't meet those specs don't expect the game to any time soon.
  2. With how many bugs and stuff people are posting regarding each of the 3 versions. I feel the topic should be split into Windows 10, Steam, and XB1. It would make sorting through each way easier and the forums wouldn't appear to be so cluttered upon first entry. I know they could be tagging their respective posts with what system they are on, but lets be honest, no one is doing that. It would also be way easier to see if anyone has posted the bug you're about to submit also.
  3. When you load a save from a previous build, there are bound to be some glitches. It's always best to start a new save when testing this kind of stuff out.
  4. The Forum is already mobile ready without the need for an app. It loads 100% fine on my iPhone and my Android tablet.
  5. I actually think Oxygen and Power depletion is at a okay level. I guess it could be tweaked, but anymore and there would be no reason to create the already existing upgrades for them. You can craft Tanks and Batteries to give you longer runs away from Vehicles, Tethers, and your Base. There is usually a cave nearby or surface power/oxygen that you can collect if you're running low. I fully agree with the option of either choosing a landing spot or being able to have some amount of control with your landing pod. I always want to move to a mountain top or a cave but don't because I don't w
  6. I can grasp what the devs are going through, but they have already made a Mega Thread for patch notes. I guess this thread can be closed!
  7. Anyway we can get a changelog on Forums about the changes to the Beta branch? I'm super thrilled that we are getting a stream of patches, but knowing what was changed even if its a TLDR sorta thing that would be amazing! I know there have been Tweets about it, but having a post even if its a constantly updated single post would be better than nothing.
  8. Its working 100% fine for me. Did you start a new save or loaded an old one? With any EA game its best to try both, old and new just to see if that is the issue.
  9. I've also ran into this problem. I've gotten a lot of my friends into this game and as a result, I was constantly having to run over (as the host) to tell them what was what.
  10. I really like your idea of Tethers consuming power. So you could maybe make it so your starting Hab can only support maybe a stack of Tethers. Anything other than that would require additional power sources while they are attached to your base of operations. That would also make attaching them to your Rover/Truck a limited resource since it would deplete the power and O2 from the vehicle.
  11. There is no option. Host needs to start a game, then any friends of the host can right-click his name in steam and click join. Then they will be able to pick a suit and then launch the pod to the host.
  12. I think just having a different mode you can change or upgrade your deform tool to.
  13. That is really strange, I get worse performance with the Windows 10 version than I do with the Steam version. I get about 10-15 less FPS while playing the Windows 10 version than I do the Steam version. One thing you can try for the Steam version is turning off the Steam Overlay for Astroneer and also setting the launch option of -NOSOUND. Also make sure your GPU is able to support DirectX 11 and I know some older CPU's have other issues. Can you also provide your PC Specs in your OP?
  14. Shift + Left click will automatically put it into your backpack.