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  1. Yes I posted this I think on the first 24 hours of public access, it seems people are not using the search to see that the bug they are expecting has been documented. This is something I'm sure the devs will fix, but it's not a game crashing or breaking bug. It's good to document them, as I'm sure it is helpful, but if people don't search before posting as I did when there was only 4 pages of posts it creates a mess for the devs to waid through.
  2. After reading through this a few days later it seems that most people don't think that the ability to trade for resources is not broken, the ease of doing so is when combined with the condenser. Because it currently "Costs" nothing more than extra fuel for the act of trading, we are able to build up very fast. I like that we can trade, but I want the trade to cost both some resources and more time. As an alpha it's best that we have the trade in game already rather than not.
  3. A compass to beacons, base pods, and vehicles makes sense, not a "north" pointer. I would also like to chose to turn them on and off. Also the compass on the ground does have a north pointing but it means nothing without a point of reference (Earth "North" is the top of our globe / maps).
  4. I have seen similar problems with decreasing FPS as more of my first and only explored planet to the point that I could not move and got stuck looking for my base and trying to get back. Does the entire planet stay loaded and all objects stay active while not in "view"? As a note on the tether decreasing FPS, I was almost stuck at my base as my 3 trucks where connecting to more than one tether and umbilicals. So there is something there with the tethers causing problems.
  5. I also discovered this imbalance with fuel as I was in need of compound in a bad way and just tried fuel to find out it was balanced wrong. Because you can basically make resources for "free" it is handy but I did just want to farm fuel for a while to get some things going that took copper (hard to find). I think because it is so "common" giving it a "value" of 1 or 1 compound would make it so that the balance is better, except there could be some kind of "Apple App Store" 20-30% cut for the trade. Real life commision shops do this type of thing. I also think the trade ship should use fuel or
  6. I did the same thing my first base, I set it up in a Plus sign "+" from the pod. The second time I spread it out in a 5 sided star, and after 4 machines, the 5th I extended it out by putting the single resin in then dragging out another one 2 times then doing another star. if you do not put resin in you will be able to put a "large 2x1" item such as battery, large solar, or wind turbine in so not to waste the expansion.
  7. On Steam, I am able to place Unknown Research on to world geometry steam vents and the Research stick as tho it was a storage slot. This causes the item to increase in size and no longer be grabable.
  8. Running steam, built a Crane on a truck that had a 1-seat attached already. the crane took up 2 large spots and was shaking when I was driving until it popped off and the truck was less responsive in driving (started driving really fast). Now with the crane (expensive item) on the ground I can grab it and put it back onto a truck. Useless 4 copper now. I'm guessing it's a 4 large slots item and the vehicle bay does not check to see if 4 slots are available before printing.
  9. I am running on Steam, settings menu for sound options, I was able to slide the sliders around to turn it down ( once in a game not a the launch menu ) but there is no "Save" button, hitting ESC to close the menu goes back, and if I re-open the settings the sound sliders are maxed and no change in Audio levels took place. This was bad especially during storms and I had to click off the game to another screen till the storm was over because it was so loud.
  10. I kind of like the idea of just having it pop max distance but it could have its problems if you don't always want your mouse to jump out to the max area. A way I though that could help make it easier to understand max distance would be coloring the guide. So starts blue (close to last point), then Green, Yellow, and finally Red when it is max or just about to be max. That way there is a visual indicator and you wouldn't need it to jump to max out.