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  1. not even sure how to tag this, but the yellow ring around the back of the tractor seems to be a bit bugged and shows the power consumption incorrectly, whole train is visible, i am togling drill on/off to show power consumption fa9335675d0e96990ffd4db9ce20254a.mp4
  2. Steam, mouse/keyboard 021663edcc4a3916337ec7ffb9de9777.mp4
  3. So I've always had this technique of making underground power storage for each of my bases...but this time i went a little overboard. now imagine if i put a battery on each of those...UNLIMITED POWWWWAAAAAA (also devs. plz don't remove this, its very fun and very efficient)
  4. This has been fixed in most recent update: DECEMBER 22, 2016 -
  5. This is False. It becomes the EXACT orientation of the EXACT, SINGLE triangle of the surface your cursor is hovering over. So even if the rough slope of your green circle is flat but the single triangle your hovering over when activating the flattening mode is not, the resulting angle will not be flat. I have testing this time and time again. The whole 'Go slow' thing works because the flatten tool does not move all voxels to the desired height with the same speed as either other mode does. So continuous application(going slow) of the flattening tool ensures that the result will
  6. I'm currently making my own slide too, it includes a actual jump: black lines to help show outline of slope, red box is temporary ground to walk on just to help work on it.
  7. This exploit requires no power what so ever, simply put 2 of any resource on trade ship, ask for same resource in return, send it away, then take the items off the trade ship as its flying away. This does not have to be with only same resource you can do this with any trade at all, eg. 1 titanium for 4 compound.
  8. Although this is a little useless, Oxygen as a item on you backpack: if the oxygen is partially used it will refill once you connect back to a tether or base, like a temporary tank.
  9. from what ive been reading through the forums it seems almost everyone is either frequent freezing or constant low fps. both with no regard to pc specs
  10. your beacons are not gone, they just are not visible, because of how the beacons work currently the beacon marker will show behind terrain thus making it not visible. My only guess for how to salvage your save is to just drive in a straight line and look for clouds in the sky if you don't currently see them. and if you do currently see them then don't leave from under them because starting base is always center of the clouds.
  11. you know they showed that off in the livestreams...