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  1. Or at the very least a button you can press that acts as a brake...
  2. If you created the seat directly on the rover with the vehicle bay it wont come off. Next time you make a seat use the printer. It doesn't have the same problem.
  3. I don't even know if I can make a suggestion for the forum... But on the off chance I can... I would love to see a Thumbs up / Thumbs down system. Sometimes I want to support a post or idea but I don't really want to have to make a comment. Likewise the +1 reply's are an ok way to show support, but if I actually want to read each persons response I'd have to scroll through all the plus ones before finding someone's feed back. Anyone else want this? Or am I alone on this one?
  4. I like the idea of lighting for the caves. Was caving today but didn't have tethers. It was a bit too dark at times. I would like to have an item that you can create and place like a space version of a torch. Maybe it costs compound plus half your current energy to make a bundle of them. Then place them or drop one where you need light. Sometimes I just want to know how deep that hole I just found actually is, having a light source I can drop down there would be nice.
  5. This has been posted before... If you leave the game and come back in it should resolve itself.
  6. Yeah it's like it turns the tool Horizontal even though you are trying to flatten vertically.
  7. I can duplicate this bug, My friend could do it too. You have probably already seen it and not realize it was a bug. Build a wall... Straight up and down if you can... And while using the Leveling tool continue flattening and drag the mouse cursor over your characters body..... the tools stops working properly every time.
  8. I like the idea. Though traveling for resources would be a much longer endeavor with this. But I guess if you got enough resources to make a space station then you probably wouldn't need to get more.
  9. Thanks Skully I didn't know they were using Trello ;-) And agreed, pretty much every request Xtilly5000 had, was mentioned or responded to on the Podcast.
  10. Quick sand would be cool... I don't know how common I would want it to be... Base surrounded by quick sand... Oh My.
  11. Darn that sucks. Well I personally have not had this happen to me. But I hope it gets worked out.
  12. Flubber possessed truck...... ROFL.... Haven't seen that movie in ages.
  13. I did the exact same thing. And I got the same results. The unknown research was stuck. I was told by someone else in the community that if you leave the game and come back it should fall off the geyser.
  14. The only way I found to remove game saves is to go to the route folder. I have it saved to my desktop at the moment. I have been experimenting with different things.
  15. LOL this happens to me all the time. It seems like the front and back connectors on the vehicle will pop anything you have there off in anticipation of you tethering the vehicle on to the base... I just don't park next to or drive up to the base anymore.
  16. Trylobot, First off, I love the illustrations. I have always been a fan of books with pictures LOL Unfortunately, the tethers in your examples are working as intended, they were not created to work that way. At the moment their sole purpose is to provide air to the player(s). But I love the concept of using it to bridge bases. Although I would think that they would create an entirely new structure to accomplish what you were attempting.
  17. You can only do 4 at a times since there are only 4 slots. Also often the game will leave the last one on the top bit of the smelter instead of moving it to a storage slot.
  18. Seems like there have been more than one update since the last time you played. Same thing happens in other games such as minecraft, after a game update. There really isn't a fix for your current world unfortunatly. If I were you, I would just start over.