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  1. yes and the video and roadmap is perfectly fine and contained more then enough information but it doesn't help me with suggestions, i could had delved deeper but i didn't want to waste my time and energy trying to come up with suggestions on future content, maybe i should had explained better why i was disappointed but whatever
  2. it is stream, not steam, i am talking about the 2hr video they did recently and the reason i was disappointed is i was giving suggestions on the game with ideas on future content but i had no idea what has already been decided on what will be implemented and what has been decided what won't be implemented and was hoping the stream would give more information on future content, here is the thread where i was giving suggestions
  3. yes and i know more about this game then any let's player and i was saying i am disappointed there wasn't much information on upcoming content, i said nothing about not wanting people reporting them i'm saying if you want to have a go at people, i was giving feedback that hardly anything is known about upcoming vehicles and other content and that is what we are also supposed to be doing, why don't you piss off and go learn to play since you think the roadmap answers the upcoming content questions
  4. here is just one of the many many examples ... i guess i should learn hot to play .... " Corey Skurray4 days ago (edited) you might already know now but the spaceship is much better then the shuttle and it is best to fill it with only storage (and a habitat but sometimes the shuttle/spaceship lets you extend from it and build from that but most the time it doesn't let you (probably a bug that might be fixed now)) and take to new planets mostly resin and some compound, you can rebuild everything at the new planet, also trucks are best used just for the research pods, if you build th
  5. if you want to have a go at people have a go at the countless people telling the devs about bugs that they already know about and have a high priority to fix, almost that whole stream was about bugs because so many people go on about them
  6. for your information i give a lot of tips to astroneer lets players so don't talk rubbish, and this is why i am after information on content because i have totally exhausted the current content, why don't you learn to play the gamer so you can see the roadmap doesn't tell you hardly anything about content, it says nothing about upcoming vehicles, aliens, etc it says hardly anything about anything
  7. i found a satellite/telescope looking thing deep within the caves and it was a mission and a half trying to get the truck down there, i thought i would come away with the mission (in a borat voice) "great success!" but i can't seem to get it to move (usually when excavated things freely fall but it doesn't want to) and have heavily excavated all around it but still was fun
  8. if you were going in the direction of ufo's i think it would be cool if they had tractor beams you can use to mine and maybe carry research items and/or other things
  9. i would like to say i'm glad to hear there won't be pvp, just because we live in a sick society where people get enjoyment by ruining the gaming fun of others game devs shouldn't accommodate that and encourage it just because many want it, big thumbs up for that
  10. was really hoping to find out what additions are planned to the game within a few months and beyond that but there wasn't much information given, seems those things are being kept quiet about?
  11. *edit (accidental double post, now i can edit but can't see how to delete a post)
  12. okay thanks but it doesn't seem to give much description to what exactly is planned, since i'm posting i may as well add ... 13) power suits where you can run fast, jump high, not much fall damage and can fly
  13. but in the hostile worlds the weaponry is only effective against aliens, i would really like to see this game stay away from pvp
  14. 2 more then that's it 11) water worlds that are almost completely covered in water 12) hostile worlds where you can build personal and vehicle weapons from resources only on those planets and the weaponry only work in the atmosphere of those planets