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  1. iitzTrizzy

    Xbox Patch, Good/Bad?

    Haven't played since the new patch came out so I can't confirm. When I say "small" I mean one of each crafting station. Relatively speaking In think one of each is small. Multiples of the same crafting stations would grant the term "big" base. With my small bases i experienced severe frame rate drop, nearly unplayable but i soldiered through. Essentially once I had a tether network and 2 crafting stations my frame rate dropped, the more I built the worse it got. Yes, all XB1
  2. iitzTrizzy

    Some ideas to improve the gamplay

    http://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Astroneer_Wiki this is a good resource. I think it will be found mostly frustrating that there is no tutorial but this is a survival game and figuring things out on your own is very much a part of survival.
  3. iitzTrizzy

    Xbox Patch, Good/Bad?

    Unfortunate, I'm not to keen on one giant base, I like several smaller bases on various planets, very fun
  4. iitzTrizzy

    Sustainability, You?

    Only closer to my base, if I'm on a journey, then no.
  5. iitzTrizzy


    is this the resource that earth needs?
  6. iitzTrizzy

    Turbo your vehicles with a rocket thruster!

  7. iitzTrizzy

    Pictures of Bases

    very nice!
  8. iitzTrizzy

    Please reduce storm and planet orbit times

    I'll play devil's advocate here. I come from the Destiny community, one of the most toxic. The reason the community became so awful is because the dev's started changing things about the game that the community requested. Not major things like game performance but little things like this post. Initially, no big deal and so far, system era seems like they are all ears and willing to change. Something trivial like storm time is supposed to be annoying. This is a survival based game an thus you are supposed to experience what your character is going through. As long as you are frustrated that you have to sit through yet another storm on exotic, so is your character and that's good game design. What they should do instead is give us the ability to move naturally in storms by creating armor your character can wear. It can be made at a crafting station, and be worn by putting it on in your hab. if you wear it when there is not a storm you move slower than normal, but if you wear it during a storm you will be able to walk around and survive.
  9. iitzTrizzy

    Xbox Patch, Good/Bad?

    While I feel your pain and embrace the fact that they should give you that option, that's not the basis of this thread. specifically I want to know if the patch increases game performance, FPS etc... the game for me was virtually unplayable but I did my best to ignore it. knowing the frame rate is better make me very happy.
  10. iitzTrizzy

    What is this little doodad?

    Off-topic but I like your profile pic. I've been climbing for 6 years.
  11. iitzTrizzy

    Xbox Patch, Good/Bad?

    backpack controls?
  12. iitzTrizzy

    Xbox Patch, Good/Bad?

    I don't have any friends to even play with yet so it's no problem haha
  13. iitzTrizzy

    Xbox Patch, Good/Bad?

    Good to know! I get back on Monday. Can't wait.
  14. iitzTrizzy

    a bit dissapointed with stream

    Haven't they posted a roadmap as well as priorities? The game is fantastic as is. Anything they add is welcome. I would like it to run smoother, hopefully the latest patch is a good fix.