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  1. Leftcoast

    Suggestions On GPS And How To Nerf It

    I think the compass is fine for beginning and it's not too hard to boy scout around. You just have to take care to get a bearing and pay attention when you venture far which I am ok with. Moving towards tech, tech tree type things. I think it would be cool to research things like satellites and be able to build and launch them so that you can then have map to help you navigate. That should be later in the progression though.
  2. Leftcoast

    An Alternative to "Food = Survival"

    Good ideas. I do like the ideas of buffs for being fed, I also like the idea of making it not a big deal so long as you actually have food set ups going. I like MC, however I just feel that food in MC would be an annoying chore in the scope of Astroneer where as it makes sense for MC.
  3. Leftcoast


    Oh yeah, that would be sweet. Like a gas giant that you couldn't possibly land and survive, come in low, refuel or something. Awesome idea.
  4. Leftcoast

    A More Intituive Deform Tool

    I would also like the flattening or just have another flattening button if it is now only a "smoothing" tool that creates only a flat plane at the level where you start. Right now it is fairly difficult properly level a large area to put a base how you want it.
  5. Leftcoast


    I would like the space stations to be modular. It would be cool if you had to build the modules separately and put them into orbit then join them. Later bring fuel and power and you've got a space station in orbit. I would like these modules to require more exotic metals to encourage making good mining bases on certain types of planets, encourage group play to help speed up supply chain and make it more worth while to build more bases on more planets/moons. It would also be cool to have extra modules to help make large scale mining more fun at end game. Next would be cool to be able to get mav thruster modules to do adjustments and hop to near by planets. After that it would be nice if you could put vehicle bays for dropping vehicles planet side. Towards end game it would be cool to be able to configure them with bigger fuel storage bays and add bigger thrusters and warp drives for faster travel between planets and to go explore other solar systems.
  6. Leftcoast

    An Alternative to "Food = Survival"

    I like the idea of food buffs. I dislike the idea of food not being important. I also dislike the idea of a tedious hunger cycle like minecraft, which is fun in MC but Astroneer does not need to copy. My 2 cents, "hunger" should exist and buffs would be cool for putting in extra effort. What I think this should be is a general food/starvation bar that is long lasting enough to allow for prolonged game play without worrying about food. Rather than having a mechanic to eat the food, you just need to get close to a settlement that has food production and like oxygen your food/starvation bar refills. I believe that you should have fatal affects for ignoring this at the same time I think it should take a while in game play to become an issue and should not require loading food into your inventory in any way. It should be done such that it adds more to do (think more modules, one basic and maybe advanced ones, etc) without being a chore like some people feel it is in Minecraft. Again, I think Astroneer is prime to do this in a fun and unique way that is suited to this game play and that of any other game out there.
  7. Leftcoast

    Game Doesn't Always Save

    Final update. I found that that the date and time on my PC would stay static during game play after updating it to the correct time. If the time stays the same on my computer's clock the game won't save.
  8. Leftcoast

    Game Doesn't Always Save

    Update. The issue seemed to go away after the last patch but I noticed today that again I lost about an hour of game play where I made sure to save before quitting. I have no idea why this is plaguing me and not others.
  9. Leftcoast

    Delete and Backup Saves

    I am not 100% sure, I think they said in the road map that they'll be working on that. In the meantime, if you're on PC at least, you can access, delete, and copy saved game files from your appdata folder. I think the saves are in your astroneer appdata folder, not 100% but you should be able to google where to find where your PC saves the files. You may have to unhide them as well, you can google that too.
  10. Leftcoast

    Too forgiving???

    I think it will get more difficulties added. On the road map they have a lot of really cool features if you haven't checked it out yet. I am with you, it is very forgiving and there isn't enough content yet to really make it less forgiving. That being said, I put the road map below if you haven't checked it out. take a look if not and see what they are planning. I found it pretty interesting, most of the things I want are in there in some form already. https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-road-map-planning
  11. Check out the road map ( https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-road-map-planning ) on the astroneer website. It outlines where they plan to take the game and many of the features they are working on. Many of which will address some of your concerns. I've had a lot of fun so far, however, I also expect them to add a lot more content and things to do in game. Cheers!
  12. Leftcoast

    forum subject consolidation

    Yes, please. It doesn't have to happen overnight but over the holiday break the amount of repeat threads is starting to get out of control. I did my best to use the search function and I don't think enough people are. It's been very cordial and polite and I don't want to turn anyone off from providing their feedback however at the same time it's getting repetitious and more difficult to keep all the good ideas people have posted in one place. thanks!
  13. Leftcoast

    Multiplayer Ruins Game

    Thanks, that explains why I haven't had any issue.
  14. Leftcoast

    Multiplayer Ruins Game

    What platform are you guys playing? I've only been playing on PC through Steam and as best I can tell they have to be my friends on Steam to get into my game. Am I missing something? I have been aways visiting family and do not know if this is an issue with the latest patch. thanks
  15. Leftcoast

    Storage-only Platform?

    That would be nice to have a storage platform, I would also like being able to move them after building.