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  1. SirAppleBottom

    Did someone say trains?

    I absolutely love this idea
  2. SirAppleBottom

    Destruction and building

    Uhhh What?
  3. SirAppleBottom

    Mes impressions sur le jeu Astroneer

    Ah oui! J'aime ses idée ils sont très bon!
  4. SirAppleBottom

    Actual buildings with interior?

    This game is all about building your base, I think this is a good idea with a great diagram
  5. SirAppleBottom

    Brightness in game

    Oh I thought he meant like a brightness slider like in other games.
  6. SirAppleBottom

    Brightness in game

    They've said in a stream that they do want to do that but making UI is really hard and none of them actually know how to do it.
  7. SirAppleBottom

    Family Friendly

    I don't think this game will become "killer" they might add guns but I am not certain
  8. SirAppleBottom

    Starting a brand new base

    They do have this, kinda, you can make habitats and bring them with you.
  9. SirAppleBottom

    Smooth Terrain tool

    They already have this in the game.
  10. SirAppleBottom


    They are already planning to put this into the game. It's one of their top priorities.