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  1. Perhaps "C" could be the new key to map the catalog to. Also, if some like the fact that the catalog and inventory are the same key, there could be an option to keep it like that. I know that those developing Astroneer are working diligently to improve the game, and I salute them for that. Thank you.
  2. With the newly introduced catalog, a new problem has arisen. To access the inventory, one can press "Q." However, the catalog is also mapped to this. I don't always want to access the catalog when I access my inventory. Therefore, it can sometimes become a nuisance. It would be much appreciated if something is done to improve this. Thank you.
  3. I like the Christmas implementation, but I like having everything one color without having to change it. Perhaps that could work if every time you hit "t" it would stay the same color, but by picking it up and placing it again it would change. (Instead of always changing regardless if you hit "t" or place back down.)
  4. I question the implementation of this feature. It is just not a challenge anymore to obtain resources. Although my opinion does not matter, I think that this is not a good idea since it will damage the dynamic of the game.
  5. When you extend the base, you can walk straight through the tube. This should be fixed to where you must jump or step over the connecting tube.
  6. When the terrain tool is equipped, it goes through the player's leg. Soon, this may cause someone to have an OCD attack.
  7. A machine of some sort could be added to combine harvested hydrogen and oxygen to make water if thirst it implemented to the game.
  8. I would not necessarily enjoy it to become a full-out killing game, but I would like some somewhat rare moving mobs and enemies . Therefore, there would have to be some implementation of weapons, just moderated.
  9. I find it annoying that there is not an option on the title screen to quit the game. Please implement this.
  10. I find it mildly irritating to have to right click and move the mouse to swivel the camera. Perhaps a feature to choose if the camera stays behind the player could be added.
  11. Difficulty options could be added for players who want a more challenging experience. Options such as mobs, hunger, thirst, faster power and oxygen depletion, etc.
  12. Sometimes, I load a world in and want to move my pod due to terrain, materials, etc. This would be very helpful and simplifying to implement.
  13. More natural disasters like earthquakes or tornadoes that could damage the player and/or habitat would be an interesting addition. These could be extremely rare to cause less rage.