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  1. Infinite12

    Inverting the Y Axis Doesn't Affect the Terrain Tool

    Yeah, this is giving me a LOT of trouble. I hope this gets fixed asap.
  2. So before the update I would set my controls to inverted and it would invert the controls of my cursor but it doesn't anymore. So now all my controls are inverted except for when I'm using my cursor which is really giving me a hard time.
  3. Right now day and night cycles last a minute or two. I wouldn't mind seeing them last longer
  4. Infinite12

    My friend can't join my game

    This happened to me yesterday(xbox one). My friend could join my game no problem but I couldn't join his even afterrible hard resetting and everything. The problem ended up being on his end. When he restarted I could get into his game no problem
  5. I have to select inverted controls every time I start the game up. It's hardly game breaking but it is kind of annoying
  6. He joined my game first time, no problem. I've tried to join his game 6 times now and my game crashes every time. Any reason for this?