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  1. Bitwalker

    1.7 GB Update on X1?

  2. Bitwalker

    1.7 GB Update on X1?

    i know... but why on Xbox One S... and it is not been shown as "Xbox One X Optimized" in List.
  3. Bitwalker

    Lower graphics on Xbox

    Xbox One X ... it isnt better on it. Tryed yesterday.
  4. Bitwalker

    1.7 GB Update on X1?

    Hello from Austria! Yesterday i activated my Xbox One X and tryed Astroneer. I had to download a Update with 1.7 GB. I can't find Patchnotes or anything else. The Update was also on Xbox One S... what's inside this Patch?
  5. Bitwalker

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    Love this Update! Finally the game is again a small challenge. It takes more time and more work to achieve something
  6. And how should this Answer solve my Problem? @Robert Sloth TXS! I try this!
  7. Hello Community! Maybe I'm just too stupid. But how in the world do I use the analyzer (or the other new tools)? I can not attach it to the terraformer !? I play on the Xbox One. According to my feeling I have already tried all possibilities ...?!?!?
  8. Bitwalker

    Cannot mine resources on rocks :)

    For that you need the drill
  9. I landed on the polluted planet. However, directly on a wormhole. The camera did not look at the start button. Only with much turned around and many try I managed to look at the button.
  10. Vehicle bays from the shuttle always occupied. To build a space ship I had to build a vehicle bay. When I landed with the space ship again on the planet, the space ship stood exactly on the shuttle. Actually, the shuttle was then in the space ship. On the picture it can be seen when you look closely. No matter how many times I start and land, the space ships end up at this vehicle bay, though still have an empty one.
  11. Bitwalker

    Petition: XB1 Frame Rate

    I think the developers are well aware of these problems. With the first patch the thing has improved significantly. So this is probably synonymous with the next updates so be. Always remember that it is a Pre Alpha. We are all testers and can not expect a perfect game yet. Of course, the Framerate has great priority, as the testing is not fun.
  12. Bitwalker

    Next planed Update?

    Is there a plan, when the next update is to come (Xbox one)? There is still much to do - and I can not wait!
  13. Bitwalker

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    The Truck is on Extasy here (Xbox One)
  14. If one approaches the station with the rover and is connected with this, one loses connected equipment from the rover. See video.