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  1. Sara

    Latest update wiped ALL my saves.

    Please try to remember that the game is in early access; it's in no way complete, and often when new patches are released, old saves are unusable/deleted. This will probably happen a few more times as the game is updated. I understand it's frustrating, but sometimes old saves need to be deleted to be compatible with the new features.
  2. Sara

    Flat means Flat, Dang it.

    With the new patch they're testing, it seems they're trying to fix it. :] Specifically where it says: Improve algorithm that picks the height of new base platforms, allowing for flatter bases
  3. I'm playing on Steam, on build When I park a rover next to my base and it connects/tethers to both a placed tether and a pod/module, the rover gets stuck in place. While holding the movement keys from a standstill, the rover's battery will drain, but it won't move from its position. Briefly connecting to both a placed tether and the module doesn't affect the rover if it's already moving. It seems that removing a placed tether away from the rover so they're no longer connected fixes the issue; it only occurs when the rover is tethered to both, and if it's parked.
  4. Sara

    Resource-seeking Drone AI

    Bump~ it seems a few other people have made topics with similar ideas, so hopefully something like it will be put in at some point. :]
  5. Sara

    Droid Companions

    Glad to see more topics like this :] hopefully if enough people ask for some type of robot companion, it'll be implemented in the future.
  6. Sara

    Robot Companion

    I'm glad somebody else had the same idea as me! :] I made a thread on the same topic, here: Anyway, I support this idea. :]
  7. Sara

    Ability to destroy rocks and such.

    I agree, maybe they could make dynamite able to destroy these objects? That way they wouldn't have to implement an entire new feature, but rather modify an already existing item.
  8. Sara

    Astroneer's Guide To the Galaxy

    I think it could function as a kind of tutorial system, as right now there's not much besides "here's a couple basic controls". After that, you're pretty much on your own. It would be nice to have some kind of informational device like this that helps give you a little more direction in the game. It breaks immersion (for me at least) when I have to minimise the game to look up what a certain item is for, or how a module functions. Having an ingame source of information would fix that problem. Obviously the game is under construction so we can't expect a perfect tutorial, but for later on it might be nice to consider a function like this for some extra guidance. Just some thoughts :]
  9. Sara

    Resource-seeking Drone AI

    Thanks for your input! :]
  10. Sara

    Astroneer's Guide To the Galaxy

    I like this idea; the book could have the same functionality as the backpack, as in pressing Q pulls up the backpack but still allows you to walk around, move around items, etc. There could possibly be a function where if you have the book open and click on a resource that you have nearby (such as in storage or on the floor), it flips the book to the page with pertinent information about the resource that you just clicked. Good idea! ^-^
  11. Sara

    Resource-seeking Drone AI

    I like those ideas! Overall, I think a little drone companion would just be very useful and give you a little "friend" to journey around with you. Maybe combine it with the ideas that other people have had, such as manually flying it around overhead to look for resources yourself.
  12. Sara

    Ability to pilot space shuttle/pod.

    This is already planned, look at the road map.
  13. Didn't you already post this idea? Lol
  14. Sara

    Resource-seeking Drone AI

  15. Sara

    Add ecosystems and food chains.

    They're already thinking about adding a hunger mechanic, farming, etc. It's on the roadmap, here: