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  1. Gizm0saurus

    Toggle to sprint

    +1 You are not alone, I have this complaint as well. I don't know of another game where you have to hold the stick in. Clicking it once should switch you into a run, letting the stick back to center should reset. Holding the stick in starts to hurt my thumb after a little while.
  2. Gizm0saurus

    Mixed crafting recipes and more!

    Yah, I'm also drawn to the idea of more complex construction of items and structures. I think something like you're saying could be awesome but maybe is more appropriate for advanced items that are not yet in the game. A simple changealong these lines I'd like to see is requiring a combination of materials to make something rather than a bunch of the same. I.E.-2 compound, 1 copper and 1 lithium for a rover (after all there would need to be electronics and a battery in a rover, but maybe this is too literal for some).
  3. Gizm0saurus

    Open WormHole to Friend's System

    +1 cool idea to add some depth to multiplayer!
  4. So I landed on the exotic planet and placed my habitat down. It slowly started to fall over but the "deploy" button was still shown. I figured the habitat would level itself when I hit the button, apparently not: When I added modules to the habitat they jutted out at crazy angles and I ended up with printer floating in the air, had to add terrain around it so I could get up to it. Maybe habitats could level themselves, match the ground's incline or just not allow you to deploy unless they are 100% stable.
  5. Gizm0saurus

    Research as Unique & Immersive Experiences

    Sweet! This could also be another fun hazard to deal with in the game. Also just fun to see some meteors fall and go off hunting for them. In addition to research maybe they could have some rare new resources on them as well.
  6. Gizm0saurus

    Idea - Customizable Gameplay Files Please!

    +1 Save files definitely need to be more easily distinguished from each other. Should astronauts eventually become customizable showing them as an avatar next to each save slot could really help out. Maybe along with changing the planet in the background to represent that save file's home world.
  7. Employing some satellites or other devices for surveying is an awesome idea! I agree that it would really help encourage players to venture further out and that, in turn, allows for research items to be placed further away. This also makes me wonder about having some kind of drone that could fly down into caves and produce a 3D map of it with the resources mapped.... maybe too far. Anyways, +1 on your idea.
  8. I'm seeing a lot of requests for the ability to build your own buildings with interiors to them. I'm thinking about using the same terraforming mechanics to create geodesic-dome style buildings (pictured below). example: The structures could be added on top of the existing terrain and be enlarged to encompass existing structures, providing protection from storms while allowing transparency for solar power. Thoughts?
  9. Gizm0saurus

    9 more techs to research

    +1 for both the Automation Computer & Space Monitor. Some kind of simple programming should get built in so simple tasks can be automated. Knowing when to blast off to quickly get to the desired planet would be awesome!
  10. Gizm0saurus

    Seat Belts

    Good point, I've also been frustrated a number of times to have my vehicle flip over and drop me into a dangerous situation. Can we just have the option of exiting the vehicle after it flips instead of popping out automatically?
  11. Gizm0saurus

    Split Screen Multiplayer

    +1 yes please! Having split screen that works with internet multiplayer as well would be amazing! I do not understand why more games don't offer this. I have friends near and far, would love to have one over to play with me while other friends who are further away link up online as well.
  12. Gizm0saurus

    IDEA: Rope for Rapelling

    +1 Love this idea! Sounds like a fun and challenging alternative to getting something like an elevator or jetpack. Maybe the tethers could be used for this. Even upgrading them with a metal resource or something so that they would be load-bearing and be able to anchor into vertical surfaces.
  13. Gizm0saurus

    Beacon Labels

    +1 for custom beacons Related to this: being able to tag a beacon as your desired destination would be great. A graphic could point you in the right direction even if the beacon is out of visible range. (Definitely helpful if you died far away, deep underground or on the other side of a mountain and therefore can't see the beacon).
  14. Research is currently a pretty simple task: 1. collect "unknown" objects 2. plug into research station 3. hit the button and voila! stuff! The "unknown" objects themselves seem pretty cool at first but I quickly realized that there are just a few versions of them and despite being organic, mechanical or mineral-esque they all do the same thing. The repetition of the simple steps above becomes a little dry, especially after a few play-throughs when you know what's coming. To make the task of researching things a little more engaging and rewarding I had the ideaz of (1) randomizing separate parts of the "unknown's" geometry and of (2) having each unknown/research object unlock a slightly different puzzle or mini-game. A random stack or collection of a few different template geometries (or ideally a whole procedurally generated system for the geometry) could make sure that each unknown looks and feels unique. As for making it interactive: we've seen that finding a specific satellite unlocks a mini-game at your home base and I think it would be fun if each unknown/research object had it's own challenge to solve. This could make it feel like you were conducting the research yourself (could also potentially tie-in with what the result of the research will be, i.e. a spinning puzzle unlocks the drill). Thoughts?
  15. I'm running into an issue occasionally where I am stranded, with no vehicle or base nearby. My only option is to just die, but I'm up for the challenge of trying to survive if I can. So I propose being able to craft one of the small base modules (the kind that cost only a single resin to add to your base). Once built you can place and deploy it like you would a habitat. It could provide you with a source of oxygen once placed but not shelter or a save point. From there you could perhaps build up enough resources and enough of a small base to have the means of escape. Thoughts?