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  1. Manky

    Xbox one x owner...confused

    1.0 in general was just a significant step backwards if you ask me, from a performance point of view. The pre release versions ran way better. The writing was pretty much on the wall when they released a pre alpha version with the test planet running terrain 2.0. That planet was pretty much at an unplayable FPS the minute you landed. I have an Xbox One X and GTX 1080 gaming PC and comparing how the 2 versions run is night and day. I can't even stand to play this game on Xbox at all, even with a starter planet. I really love what they are doing with the game overall, but performance is more important that anything else, and it's just not at a level that they should have been happy releasing the game. I'm also thinking features were removed between pre alpha and 1.0. Yes I know this can happen, but I'm talking simple things like brightness sliders. I'm almost certain the pre alpha build had a brightness adjuster which is very much needed, especially if you are running HDR. The game is so dark on my LGC7.
  2. Yeah I have these all over my planet, need to be careful when out travelling.
  3. Manky

    Patch 1.0.4 - February 9, 2019

    I've been getting the vehicles not responding too, but this is listed as a known issue. The other thing I'm getting is that when I get out of a vehicle on any sort of incline, the vehicle just slides down until it hits something or reaches a flat surface. I spent about 2 hours over the weekend trying to recover my tractor and trailer train on several occasions because of this. In the end I just to abandon 1 of the trailers, it just impossible to recover. I haven't seen too much mention of this, anyone else getting it?
  4. Manky

    Patch 1.0.4 - February 9, 2019

    This. I tried playing on my X and the frame rate is unplayable in a lot of instances, especially down in caves. I switched over the Windows 10 version and my relatively high end gaming PC struggles to run this at 4k so no wonder the Xbox is struggling.
  5. Manky

    Xbox one s completely unplayable now

    1.0.3 is indeed the patch we just got and it still runs horrible on the X1X. Getting a very inconsistent sub 30 fps. Switching back to Windows 10, this is still unplayable for me.
  6. Manky

    (XB1X)Tractor bug - Items cannot be removed

    Just to further add to this. When I first started playing I was on Xbox, I added 2 small generators to the front of tractor and they worked fine. I then switched to the Windows 10 version and removed the generators without issue. I then switched back to the Xbox version and could not reattach the generators. I then switched back to the windows 10 version and the front ports were working normal again and I could reattach. So it seems the act of placing something on the front slots of the tractor just renders them unusable from that point on.
  7. In the pre-alpha/alpha I'm almost certain we had brightness adjustment controls at some point. There seems to be no such thing in the current 1.0 on Xbox. I do note that the Windows 10 version has such an adjustment however. Please bring this back, it's much needed, especially for those of us playing with HDR on.
  8. Manky

    (XB1X)Tractor bug - Items cannot be removed

    Should have mentioned, playing on X1X. Also, video
  9. Manky

    (XB1X)Tractor bug - Items cannot be removed

    I have the opposite. I managed to remove my small generator but now I cannot reattach it. Nothing I attempt to put on the front of it will snap into place. I did file a bug through the console, hopefully that report can make its way to the devs.
  10. Manky

    Xbox one s completely unplayable now

    My only real concern in all of this is how much will the patch actually fix. The game was already delayed once, even with a patch missing you would expect the start of the game to be way more optimised than it is. How well is it going to perform down the track even with the patch?
  11. Manky

    Resource balancing may be off.

    Yeah same, I can't stop finding resin and compound .... it's pretty much everywhere I look and runs deep into the ground on every pile. It's great
  12. Manky

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    Yeah, seeing the popup card for a tether, every time you walk past a tether, especially a deployed and functioning one is a bit much.
  13. Manky

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    New tutorial is nice, starting to look like a 1.0 product :) Just a note with the new card style UI. I was finding it a bit difficult to read some of the text, it was a little on the small side. Playing on a 55" OLED on Xbox One X and sitting at what I would consider to be a normal viewing distance, there was quite a bit of leaning forward and squinting while making my way through the tutorial.
  14. As an Xbox player, I really love the work that is being done to improve controller support. Really wish we could test this stuff out on the Xbox though, seeing as we are the biggest target market Was this game cross buy? I can't remember, if so I could test on my gaming rig ... as much as I love this game, I can't justify buying it twice. EDIT: Actually that's irrelevant, this is only for the Steam build
  15. Manky

    Xbox One Camera Control

    Lots of potential here but I agree with the Xbox camera controls not being great. I've had lots of issues trying to line my tool up with an object or even deform the correct areas of the terrain. Though some of that could also be with my other issue of inverting Y inverting the tool as well as the camera.