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  1. It seems that for one of my planets all the research items are being rendered from a distance. As part of the performance tweaking work going on I thought this might be a quick win. There is no point in rendering items on the planets until you are at least in orbit and then only the modules and beacons should be displayed. I have tried to put all the graphics settings to their lowest value, but it makes no difference. AUTOSAVE_2_2018.04.11-21.43.15.sav
  2. Is this a hint at the player count for dedicated servers
  3. Not sure what is going on but I am unable to do the following actions Pickup items from the ground Take items out of my back pack Enter the chair in my rover I have quit the game and rebooted my PC, the problem stays there. Attached is my save game hopefully you can also see the problem I am having. I guess I need to start a new game as there is nothing I can do with this one for now. AUTOSAVE_0_2018.03.15-23.58.59.sav
  4. Even with 2x generators attached locally, it takes a very long time to print large rovers on the vehicle bay. It doesnt seem the platform is getting enough power from the generators or from the power network.
  5. Something seems to have happened to the Large Rover, rather than make a curved turn to the left or right, it seems to want to slide in the chosen direction, making it very hard to turn around. Although by this point the game was running at 30 FPS so there may have been other problems.
  6. I have notices twice now after quitting out of astroneer using the new experimental build 240.99 that the game stays running in the background and that I have to kill off the process before I can start a new game.
  7. Before joining a co-op mode session it would be nice to see the current response time between client and server. Also showing a listing of current players on the server would be handy.