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  1. TrojanSteel

    used creative for a second and now stuck in creative

    They have add a duplicate save feature for this purpose so that before you change to CM make a copy of the save.
  2. TrojanSteel

    Project CHEER progress reset?

    I had this problem on Xbox. once you finish playing saved and exited to the dashboard highlight the Astroneer icon then hit the menu button thenquit the game. This worked for me not sure if you can do the same on ps4
  3. TrojanSteel

    Games Progression idea

    What do you think of the idea that you have to finish activating the portals and open the first rift to get the wanderer update items? When you respawn on the planet again they are unlocked.
  4. TrojanSteel

    Buggy Rebalance

    Would it be possible to rebalance the buggy as it is a bit nose heavy. I think a little bit to the rear would make it better so you land on the rear wheel.
  5. TrojanSteel

    Astropedia Suggestion

    Could we get a reference between raw and refined minerals like the chemical symbol, eg. Fe next to hematite and iron etc.
  6. TrojanSteel

    (a little) Tough Start option

    I would like that too maybe do crash landing so the habitat is broken and the only thing you get from the landing pad is the platform and oxygen generator.
  7. TrojanSteel

    Cant travel to another planet.

    once your in orbit hit (pc z or x) Xbox L or R Bumper that will take you to the star map where you can pick the planet once it is in the radios of your ship.
  8. TrojanSteel

    Effects Volume crackle

    I'm on Xbox one and when my effects volume starts to make a crackling noise my game lags anyone else have this problem?
  9. TrojanSteel

    Stuck on barren without any resources

    The small printer and generator have their own platform if you put them on the ground with connectors
  10. TrojanSteel

    what should I build next

    Have you got any of the gasses yet?
  11. TrojanSteel

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    One small thing could you make it so the solid thruster brakes once you have landed. As you should need it working to land.
  12. TrojanSteel


    Have a look a the one in the windows store it had a free trail version
  13. TrojanSteel

    Option to turn off labels?

    When will we get the option to turn of the labels ?
  14. TrojanSteel


    You can with the inhibitor mode
  15. TrojanSteel

    Xbox storms pixelated and smelter overwriting modules

    Just saw the patch notes and storms are a known problem