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  1. Alessio Michelini

    Game become barely playable

    Downloaded latest version, and still the same performances issue
  2. Same problem here, I have some partial resources on a storage that came from a drill and I can't touch them in any way I've done a video, and when my pointer is on the partial resource I'm clicking on it, but nothing happens, but if I click on anything else on that storage it's fine
  3. Alessio Michelini

    Game become barely playable

    Let's hope so
  4. Alessio Michelini

    Truck just disappeared

    So, I started to play tonite, I was preparing my truck with empty storage to fill with resources, and I was about to create the last storage I needed, but the very moment I opened my backpack to get the two compounds I needed, the truck just magically disappeared out of nowhere. Didn't save, quit the game, restarted, did the same thing, truck disappeared again. Didn't save again, repeated, same story, and now I have no truck I made a video to show exactly what happened, on the top left you can see the cpu/gpu/memory usage with the framerate as well, I'm running the game on an i5 6500 3.2Ghz with 16GB of DDR4 ram and a MSI GTX 970
  5. Alessio Michelini

    Game become barely playable

    Anyway, the new game I started a few days ago, which was running smoothly at the begin, after 3 bases on 2 plantes, it started to slow down, and now I'm on the early 20s FPS...
  6. Alessio Michelini

    Game become barely playable

    I don't honestly think that the saved games could cause that, and having different format for each version, as a dev point of view, is simply madness.
  7. Alessio Michelini

    Game become barely playable

    So I started a new game, with fraps running on the background, and with a fresh start now I do get 62 fps on average, so it clearly has to do with how much you have expanded for some reasons
  8. Alessio Michelini

    Floating spaceship

    So, I landed on a planet, created a base starting from a habitat module, then created a vehicle bay, and created another ship which I wanted to do with another configuration. But then I took the original ship to visit another planet, and when I came back to that planet, I did landed on the vehicle bay spot, regardless the fact that another spaceship was already there, so the two ships fought for a few seconds for the second, and the newer one lost, and started to float in mid air, as in the picture below, and after a few hours of play is still there
  9. For a couple of days I had an organic resource trying to use the same space already allocated by a generator, I couldn't click on it until today, when I managed to move the generator and finally the resource disappeared
  10. Alessio Michelini

    Game become barely playable

    Also I tried with the --nosound flag, but didn't make any differences
  11. Alessio Michelini

    Game become barely playable

    Ok, installed Fraps, and I do get 16 fps at my native screen resolution of 2560x1440, but even lowering down the resolution to 1080p I get the same number, when I walk or run the fps goes down to less than 10 fps.
  12. Alessio Michelini

    Game become barely playable

    While the game was mostly playable after the latest update it became so slow that it's so hard to play with it, not sure how many FPS I do get as don't know how to show them in-game, but clearly in the low end. I do have an i5 6500 with 16GB of RAM, GTX 970 and SSD drive, running on windows 10
  13. So I build a couple of spaceships and in both of them when I added the cockpit for 1 person, it's rotated by 180 degrees, so the flat side is facing out the spaceship
  14. Alessio Michelini

    Bug Nella terra

    In inglese, non puoi aspettarti che qualcuno di System Era ti risponda in italiano
  15. Alessio Michelini

    Storage disappeared

    In my first base I had 3 storages full of various materials, but since this morning when I started again the game, they were all gone! Is supposed to be in this way in case of a very strong storm, or they supposed to resist to those storms? I'm on the PC game