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  1. +1 (Xbox One): saved and exited the game while the trade ship was away, upon reload it was still away and simply never came back.
  2. [Xbox One] I placed the Habitat on the ground, did not use the deploy option, and (inadvertently) entered the Habitat (which forced a game save). When reloading the game save from this point I found I was unable to exit the Habitat - effectively ending the game. (Apologies for the lighting on the screen capture - the sun was setting on this small barren moon when I was lining up the shot). Thanks!
  3. Meglomax


    If I'm not mistaken its already impossible to move/remove tethers placed by other players, or connect to tethers placed by another player. Noticed this behavior on Xbox One prior to the last patch (haven't tried it since). This makes sense to me to prevent intentionally or accidentally killing another player who has travelled a long way from base on his tether line. Although can be a little frustrating when you need to cooperate and extend the tether lines (but not as frustrating as the alternative death).
  4. Meglomax

    Truss-based building system

    Maybe I'm flogging a dead horse with this idea given the lack of replies. I'll give it one last go with a step-by-step of how it might work within the game - I do think it would work well with most of the other building ideas that have been posted over the past few days.
  5. Meglomax

    Truss-based building system

    Instead of panels, maybe the Terrain tool could be used to cover the structures, but which would not fill beyond the surface of three connected trusses - leaving a flat surface on the inside of the structure.
  6. Idea for a modularized system for building artificial structures, based on printing truss objects from a Module. I would like to be able to build larger structures, but I'm not a big fan of the building-template ideas - would still want these to be woven into the current mechanics. Structures could be simply used to the base or provide safe zones for storms, etc. - I haven't considered what might be done to enhance the insides of these structures, just thinking about the structures themselves. In the attached sketches I've tried to illustrate the truss-system, summarized as: All Truss sections would be the same length, All connections at 45 degrees from the horizontal or vertical, Truss sections should not be allowed to occupy the same space, supporting appropriate placement of trusses, Placing Truss sections using a point and snap/click mechanic. Potential for 2 panel types: square and triangle (panels inferred not shown). Thinking Truss could be made from carbon fiber (meaning there's more than one use for mined carbon). Thanks!
  7. Meglomax

    We need a map

    Just adding my two-cents here: I like the current UI design concepts and lack of overlays, etc. But do agree that we need some form of navigational assistance. I like the idea of satellites (perhaps operating in a similar fashion to the trade platform - print a satellite and hit launch - depending on the size of the planet the number of satellites needed for complete GPS coverage could vary). In terms of the UI, I think it might be in keeping with the current design to leverage the compass wheel that renders below the astroneer when the cursor is placed over them - perhaps simply adding directional markers for 'home' and 'beacons' on the edges of the circle (or within the circle depending on distance) would be enough to help out when you've travelled too far and cannot see the overhead markers anymore. Combining this with satellites, the markers might only be displayed once you have sufficient GPS coverage. As it stands the compass directions are not enough on their own - as exemplified when you've traversed the planet's poles.
  8. Meglomax

    Floating Flora

    [Xbox One] ISSUE: sometimes when base building I end up with flora that cannot be cleared using the Terrain tools floating above the modules on my base. I don't expect this would be a priority fix, but figured I'd report it nonetheless. Thanks!
  9. Meglomax

    When the OCD takes over.

    Like what you did here @physixtential - confess to be a little OCD here myself, although I am impressed by how far you took this. Typically build my own walls around the settlements, and tend to build a road out of my base with a wall on each side leading from the vehicle pad. My most common feature is a room with a roof on it to hide during storms - the trouble is when trying to flatten the ceiling from the inside I tend to fall through the ground a lot. The astroneer starts jittering up and down and within a second or two drops through the ground :-/ As a hack I try to hollow out a basement such that the astroneer only falls a few feet, instead of dropping to a deep cave and dying.
  10. Meglomax

    Base Building Ideas

    Have to agree here, base damage could be a touchy subject - personally wouldn't be happy with major damage. However, inconveniencing the base might be an interesting idea - say the connectors between platforms or modules could get damaged or get disconnected during a storm - leading to some form of remediation on behalf of the player (in my mind's eye I'm seeing the characters in those Lego games banging away on the problem with their spanners). Perhaps modules could get clogged with sand or dirt requiring cleaning, or depending on world-type get damp requiring drying them out.
  11. Meglomax

    Base Building Ideas

    Agreed on 'more control'. I'm not pleased with the [Xbox One] base building behavior that causes new platforms to start digging into the ground, and then others to start rising above it - I would like to see more control to be able to place platforms on a like-elevation to the rest of my base. At the moment I seem to spend a lot of time flattening areas of the base to align to the nearest module's hard floor, and time trying to create ramps using the terrain tool to make running around the base easier (I've seen many bases that, after a time, end up with terrain mismatches that I can't jump high enough to quickly traverse the base). Agreed on salvage/destroy/recycle - didn't see this before posting my idea related to that.
  12. Two semi-related suggestions: Ability to destroy or recycle backpack attachments - like the solar panels. Justification: early in the game I tend to print a lot of solar panels from my backpack, and place them on each of the modules' power slots. Later, when I have perfected my base's power generation and distribution with batteries and various generators, I don't need to have 10's of solar panels - at the moment they just litter up the base. Would be nice to destroy them (even if I don't get any resources back in return). Although having a recycling module - which potentially could have similar mechanics to the trade station (such as destroy 4 solar panels and receive 1 compound) might be useful. Little overkill perhaps as I can't think of anything else in the game preview that might be worth recycling, a trash can might be enough for now ... (maybe the debris from crashed space craft could be recycled too) Ability to destroy modules and return them to an empty level 2 platform. Justification: ever been building that perfect base and then accidentally applied 2x Resin to a platform? Not only is my perfect base now visually ruined (accepted this is a personal thing, LOL), but it has ramifications for power distribution (it appears that modules that were connected to the inadvertently printed level 2 platform no longer receive power from the grid after you do this). Thanks!
  13. [Xbox One] First off, not sure if this should be a bug report or a feature request, apologies for that. ISSUE: Shuttles and Spacecraft sometimes appear overturned or upside down (on loading a saved game or returning to them after travelling a ways from them). This results in not being able to select/click on their contents, and obscures the 'take flight' icon. OBSERVATION: When this happens to a Rover or Truck I have noticed that attempting to enter them (using the 'X' button option) can set them back to the right way up. This behavior does not extend to the Shuttles or Spacecraft. SUGGEST: Add this self-righting feature to Shuttles and Spacecraft, when attempting to enter them, to have them self-right and correct their orientation (either as an interim fix for related issues or a permanent feature). Thanks!
  14. Meglomax

    Large Storage Module

    OK, so I am a hoarder (virtually of course). I'd like to see a new Module for storing items - I imagine this could be basically the same (in terms of visuals and mechanics) as the Large Storage you would attach to a truck or spaceship - only its a Module. ( Didn't see a need to sketch this ) Thanks!