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    AlwaysStoned954, Looking for also other console gamers. Also check out the new thread I started for console gamers.
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    HELLO EVERYONE, I hope everyone is good. I first wanna start with saying thanks to System Era for creating such and interesting game for us to play! Big ups gentlemen and can't wait to see what coming. I made this topic to serve 1 purpose and that's to have a place where all us console gamers can have a place to discuss our problems, issues, share pictures and videos and jus to communicate openly about astroneer on console. I love this game and everything about it but with new games of course comes problems. I want us to use this forum for us and also the astroneer developers to be able to see our good and bad things that are going on with astroneer. I can see PC and Console are a little different with some of the bugs so injus wanted a place to separate them. Hope you guys enjoy the forum, make new friends and together make this game great!