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  1. Anyone else noticed how difficult it is to move or drive on Barren lately? I wonder if they have made any changes to the gravity. I'm not saying that it shouldn't be difficult or anything, but honestly, since the last update it just seems almost impossible to drive around on here, and don't even get me started on trying to right the vehicle after it has one of its little 'hissy fits' !
  2. I do love this dynamite stuff. Next mission, to blow a ring around the planet.
  3. once the frame rate issues clear up, I'm ready to take on the planet.
  4. Still Having fun, my master plan moves ever closer........
  5. Got a little bored tonight...though I'd check out the new dynamite mechanic....this bodes well for the future I think ! Next stop, the entire wait....the PLANET !
  6. I have an i7 with gtx980 & 32Gb ram. On my present game, I have 2 medium sized bases. One on main planet and one on tundra. I now, pretty much cannot play as the fps is about 13'ish I agree with both the content and optimization arguments, but in order for people to mass test the mechanics of the game (which is, in a way what we are all doing), they have to be able to PLAY it ! Having said that, I love the game, the idea of it and the way it's being implemented. I just wish I could play it longer before having to start a new game Andy
  7. I have noticed that If I have fully charged power in the backpack, and I put 2 organics into my generators, they are used up just by running around (whilst tethered and NOT using the mining tool). Should they not only discharge when I have ran out of back pack power?
  8. Sumatra you are indeed proof that the spirit of Christmas exists. Well done. It's nice to see that the human condition still thrives. I know to some it might seem like a slight gesture, but when you think about it....I mean MAAAAN! Can you imagine the replies this kid would have gotten (I'm 49 by the way, hence my inane need NOT to abbreviate everything LOL (!!!!!!!) if he asked for a free copy of Call Of Duty in a forum. They would surely have torn him to shreds. You have made my day. You, and people like you. Big gestures or small, doesn't change how cool it is to see, and everyone
  9. Thank you so much mate. Greatly appreciated. Andy
  10. Well, its not IDEAL, but you are correct. If I just literally MESS ABOUT with them, they start to work. Putting them in insane random places, eventually they just work !
  11. Sorry Silent, I don't know whats up with the you mean the video ?
  12. Not sure this is the right place to post this as it may be something I'm doing wrong, rather than a bug. Antone have any ideas why random tethers might stop working? In this short clip, you can see I am tethered correctly, then when I move forward, the next one does not work. I have a few like this. Is it a bug? Does anyone else have this issue ? Thanks for any help guys (and gals!) tether1.mp4