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  1. Well also the flying Rover is again a thing. I went over a bump and the second rover got stuck in the first one and went flying.
  2. Well... I was traveling to Radiated planet. First I landed on a bad spot (that worm like thing next tu spaceship), so I went to orbit again and then chose another location, but when I was landing it zoomed out so it looked like traveling between planets, but I could not travel to another planet neither zoom in to my spaceship. I tried to restart the game. After loading I was on the planet, but could not launch to space neither take any of the supplies from spaceship neither from backpack. So this save is unplayble I can not take that habitat and can't launch to space or use backpack (my second save ). Also the "landning bubbles" are still visible and there is also the planet selection circle as seen on the screenshot. ------------------------------ Specs (DxDiag attached): Windows 8.1 64bit Intel i7-4500U Nvidia GT 750M RAM 16 GB SSD disk DxDiag.txt
  3. In some areas this happend, I could walk and ride throuth and in some camera angles see under. Steam Win 10 Core i5 Nvidia GTX 1070
  4. When smelter processes materials it is allowed to put there another material, the problem is, it will create two halfs of the processed material, which both of them are ungrabbable. Sorry, I did not take screenshot