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  1. I agree that there should be some way of removing modules and other items, I accidentally built my modules too close together and now they overlap and are very difficult to use. Also the ability to remove sir even move large plants or rocks that we may have dug up and are now cluttering our base, maybe a despawn time. There has got to be a better solution than dig a tree sized hole and bury it
  2. I also had this bug, I am playing steam pc version and had no issues with research until I went to irradiated planet . Once there I placed four different research items and received nothing for them. the "slot machine" hologram appeared scaling through the 3 shapes I believe they are (solar panel, battery, and drill bit) it would stop on drill bit each time then offer no new research. If I placed the same type of item on it later it then gave me materials treating it as "not new" anymore. Additionally I believe I was only ever getting the drill bit the whole time I did researching this save file
  3. Thank you for the shift click I had no idea