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  1. So, the game so far can be challenging but all of the challenges are circumvented pretty easily. Adding some new environmental factors might spice the game up a bit. Weather Additions The game already contains the dust and rock storm, which is great. I've suffered my fair share of deaths due to flying boulders destroying me. Adding some base and equipment damage to this storm would make it more realistic (this has been brought up on other threads). Another thing we can add is temperature change. During the day, the temperature is mild or hot, and countermeasures must be taken to move past this barrier. Suit/backpack upgrades and the addition of a small air conditioner unit to the build options would allow us to combat the hot climate. During the night, the temperature drops to minus 120F and we must use suit heaters or other sources to stay alive. I do think that the relatively rapid change from day to night should be slowed down to allow for the implementation of climate-combating equipment. Environmental Hostility I have grown used to the ability to wander the planet without too much worry of death. The gaseous plants inside the caves and fall/suffocation death are about the only ways you can die. I don't really fancy the idea of adding hostile enemies and turning this wonderful game into a FPS. My suggestion is adding more to the environment that can bring about our lonely existence's demise. A couple of ways include the weather/temperature changes I mentioned above as well as planet structure changes. Turn a nearby mountain into a new mineral's mining ground. This mineral (we'll call it Xanadium for fun) is extremely rare and packs a punch in terms of upgrades. It's available in small quantities and multiple veins must be found to make it worth it (adding exploration and challenge). The caveat? Volcanoes This mineral rich mountain is now a smoldering volcano. Dig too far for your precious Xanadium, and BOOM. One of the volcano's lava veins is broken through and now your cavern is filling with molten rock. How do you escape?? Ingenuity and quick thinking. Or you're mining around in a mountain and find some Xanadium. You didn't know this was a volcano but you risk it. Without warning, the volcano starts to erupt, leaving you only minutes to find your way out and escape the range of the volcano's spew. You're left with only the Xanadium you mined and the ash from the volcano blocks out the sun, dropping the temperature below freezing. You're left with no solar power for weeks, and you're forced to expand into new energy sources. Volcanoes Aren't Entirely Evil Using the erupting volcano as a power source could increase your options for energy. Geothermal energy as an energy source could require you to venture into the heart of a volcano or mine deep shafts where you place probes to pick up the heat and convert it into energy. Sucking up lava as a volcano erupts would allow you to store it on your pack as a heat source for those blistering cold nights, and, while the ash blocks the sun, blistering cold days.
  2. So, I'm with everyone else in that the tether system is awesome and without it, the game would be unplayable. But like a lot of others, I think the infinite tethering is a good starting point but to make it more realistic, the air pressure should decrease as you move further from your base. The infinite oxygen somehow created by your habitat is also a good starting point, but also slightly unrealistic. Thirdly, some tether pole changes might be kind of neat. What I propose are three ideas for improving the realism of these features: For the air pressure drop: As you move further away, you must install air pumps to keep feeding air through your tethers (physics dictates that air pressure will drop through a length of hose). The pumps can be created for the base itself, via the printer, and will generate large amounts of air pressure for the beginning of your tether. For this to work, tether upgrades should be available to withstand such forces. The pumps can also be created via the backpack, and because they're a slightly smaller version of the printed ones, have them take up even two spots on the backpack. They can be placed along the tether line or as attachments to tethers (see third point). To adjust for the increased air pressure and limited oxygen supply: We can start with a certain amount of oxygen, and by a certain point in our builds, we need to upgrade our oxygen supply. Where do we get oxygen from here on earth? Plants! What I suggest is adding a greenhouse to the level 2 platform build option. As we build more and more platforms and tethers, we need more and more oxygen supply. As we research the balls that we find on trees and beneath plants we discover various new types of plants for different oxygen benefits. As we gather organics in our travels, we can combine and "plant" them in the greenhouse, and choose the types of plants made, requiring different amounts of organics. Thirdly, tether pole changes: Adding tether attachments would be a great way to add air pumps to your tether lines. Requiring compound or resin to "level up" a tether pole will allow us to place air pumps, beacons, storage, power sources, mini research platforms or research ball teleporters to our tether lines. This way, the infinite power coming from base is adjusted for power loss, and we don't have to carry those heavy research balls all the way back to base. I realize some changes completely different than these may already be in the works, but they're just some ideas I had and I'm not married to them. But thanks for listening, and I love the game!
  3. I figured this was an overheating issue, so I tried to get my PC a bit more air. But three times now while playing Astroneer, twice upon hitting the tab key near the habitat, my PC has shut down. I reboot and start my game back up and all of my progress is lost. Is anyone else having this issue? Like I said, I first assumed it was due to overheating or maybe a hardware issue in my PC. But now that it has happened twice at the exact second I hit the tab key I can't help but wonder why. Thanks all!