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  1. calli

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    I cant see a different using the boost mod or not?! Equipped on the upper slot on the "Exer". Am I am doing somethiing wrong? Carsten
  2. calli

    i found a thruster and what do i do with it

    Argh. What a cave... Hubble contained a Terrain Analyzer and on the ceiling there was Sputnik... C
  3. calli

    i found a thruster and what do i do with it

    Just had a run, found a cave on barren, inside astronium, Hubble, astroneers bodies, what not... C
  4. calli

    i found a thruster and what do i do with it

    I am in a cave what bad can happen? :-) Carsten
  5. calli

    "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    I think there needs something like a research/science tree. Like in Kerbal Space. So if you do research of whaver items it will give your science points which you can then decide to put into special research items. I would also like to add special research items which can give you special items, like salvaged from wrecks will give you enhaced blueprints like a "super smelter" or a bigger ship, a more effective storage whatever. I would also add alien tech :-) I play always without trade platform as of now it is just stupid with these fixed prices and why can't you just trade goods for science? This breaks the feeling beeing alone with just your capabiliies trying to survive... Maybe it would also be nice to have a visual or other hint on the boxes/research items HOW big the probability is that they will contain valuable things. Or maybe you can craft/research an little device which will give you a "scan". Carsten
  6. calli

    Someone found Hubble!

    Yea, I have now that mini game on my habitat at my main station. I could figure out the first one but no idea what to to on the second? Carsten
  7. calli

    Someone found Hubble!

    Found it in a cave on the moon(?). I could load the damaged battery with my pack-battery. But nothing else so far. Now build a rover...
  8. Hi, I hope that Astroneer will not follow Kerbal Space and stays in a "sandboxie" style, we need a long time entertaining open system (IMHO). In Kerbal for example you have the motivation to get to other planets, land there, and doing some mission style things (often just "landing there, going there). Yes it gets harder but not more interesting dying 1000km or a half lightyear away from home :-) So if Astronneer will to long stay in the sandbox phase players will lost interest I think. Carsten
  9. Hi, when I stand in front of something (like the smelter) and press Q the zoomed backpack is 99% in my view, so I need to rotate the view to put something from backpack to the slot/storage or similar. Can't it be moved some smart way outside the middle of the screen? Or I am doing something wrong? Cheers, Carsten
  10. calli

    Tether can only be used once.

    Oh, I already wondered why the hell we can't re-use them. Should be fixed I think! Carsten
  11. Does someome else also find it weird that we use a beta version of a pre alpha version of a game? :-) Carsten
  12. calli

    Truck is now in orbit

    Na we dont drove them. We left the planet with a shuttle/space ship and beeing back the rover is in space.,,, Carsten
  13. calli

    Audi/Graphics menu

    Please make the audio/graphics menu remember its settings! I also willing to edit *.ini for now ;-) Carsten
  14. calli

    Truck is now in orbit

    Yes. Same here. I think it is fixed in the new patch 109 something. Carsten