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  1. When the fuel condenser is started, you can grab the partially filled canister from the fuel condenser and drop it on the ground. this can be done about 10-12 times in one fill of a canister. This wouldnt really be a problem if the trade platform didnt recognize a partial canister as a full canister.
  2. The ability to break down fauna into organic should be implemented as soon as possible, far too many objects are left calculating collision with surfaces because they have been disconnected from the ground while mining. ex: Trees, underground plants, anything non-grass. All of these objects are either left to roll around on the ground or are attempted to be buried, causing collision calculation and performance loss over time. This will also happen to large satellite/crashed structures, if they are mined out, they will typically go into a clipping dance when in a multiplayer game, physics is at
  3. having serious performance issues due to hundreds of plants trying to calculate collisions due to not disappearing after being mined from the ground
  4. When in singleplayer, vehicles can be connected to each other and hauled around without error. Physics is properly calculated and vehicles move along services without error. But when in multiplayer, it appears syncing issues are causing the vehicles to stutter in their movement and briefly clip with the ground. The vehicle then reacts to touch the surface and tries to repel it, but instead it clips through or repels at violent speeds and will either throw it into orbit, or through the cave wall and disappear into oblivion. Iv also found that if a non-host player tries to enter a veh