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  1. Whitedog44

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    I experienced the same with 117 as with 115. A few hours of game, then a reload, and game already full of strange bugs. Some stones, plants, grass that I removed were back. Sometimes they were floating in the air, 'cause I lowered the ground before logging off. I found the underground sattelite for the second time ( first time was in 115 ), and once again I can't go on with this. FPS dropped down after something like 30mn of game. Ok, Let's start a few other games, and wait for the next update
  2. Whitedog44


    Sure that when you have the fuel condenser and the trade platform, you can do "everything you want", ressources are not a problem anymore. But doing this ( gathering fuel, trading it, etc. ) you're missing all what this game is about : exploring. But I have to admit that for the moment, exploring to much leads to a very rough point : FPS drops down, vehicles disapearing, game freezing and becoming unplayable... But in a few days it won't be the same old song, I guess.I the main performance problems are solved, we can hope a pile of new features for the next months, I can bet.
  3. Whitedog44 - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    I've played only a few hours on .115 before I felt really unsatisfied with this version. Started a few new games though, 'cause the next one takes time to arrive. Thanks to Windows/Xbox certification process. But devs wisely choose to put on new releases on every platform at the same time, so the Windows/Xbox players don't feel left behind. Sure I would love some new features, doing the same thing over and over again, deleting save files after save files when they become unplayable, it's fetting me kind of tired. I think the only thing I didn't get through is that mini-game thing. I found what is the first step to complete it, but some kind of bug prevent me to finish it. At least, now I came back to a full time job period, I won't be to close to "the end" in about a few days. Despite this, I still love this game, and I'm in a rush to see what's upcoming, in a few days as it is said to be...
  4. Whitedog44

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Used 2 rovers as a link to connect my 2 giant solar panels. On every new load of the game, they were floating a few feet above the ground. They fell on the ground when I approached them. Had to reconnect them, even move them a little to be able to reconnect them to my base and/or my solar panels. Doing this, I've been sunk into the ground and died....
  5. Whitedog44

    Game become barely playable

    Yes, we all have the same problem. The save file I deleted this morning was running 40~50 FPS, then after a reload dropped down to 20, then 10 ( and so became unplayable ). Hopefully the next version ( planned for next week ) will be better...
  6. Whitedog44

    Iron ??? What is that for????

    Patch notes only talk about bug fixes. The new features are to be discovered by yourself
  7. I found that wind turbines doesn't work on nodes :
  8. Whitedog44

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Sorry for double post, too late to edit, but I think it's better to show videos with youtube :
  9. Whitedog44

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Well, no need to load up a saved game, I think. Yesterday I started a new game on ( Steam ), had a few hours of non-stop playing. I was preparing to build an underground bases, so I put a habitat on the large storage that was on my truck. I was back to my base after collecting a few resin, when I saw my truck suddendly moving very very fast, in a blink of an eye he headed somewhere in my back. When arrived at my base I looked the horizon to see the icon, nothing. Then I realised it was up in the sky above my base. Not so far, so I tried to build some bridge toward it. As I was near it, it quickly moved a few times, not to far so I kept building the bridge. Then I realised that it was slowly falling to the ground. I let it fall, then I could jump in and drive it to my base. But somehow it was still lightly moving on its own. Here is the only video I took from this event, showing that when I removed the habitat, it fixed my truck behavior : Truck bug.mp4
  10. I was talking about Might and Magic heroes VII. This one was a waste of money ( at least for me ).
  11. He was a programmer, he did trained marines... I guess he's just a story teller.
  12. Whitedog44

    What are salvaged thrusters for?

    Never tried this. So I was wrong ^^
  13. Whitedog44

    What are salvaged thrusters for?

    Maybe a future feature, but as I know, there's no use for it at this point. ( I may be wrong )
  14. Whitedog44

    My Crane Is Stuck!

    Well, the crane is supposed to be built on a truck, for there is actually no way to move them ( I mean, like you would move a storage, or 1-seat, etc. ), there is not enough slots on the rover to put a crane AND a seat. I tried to put a crane on a rover wich already had a 1-seat on it. Very bad idea. The crane finally fell off the rover. I tried to move it using a truck with a winch, so I could mine a few lithium, but after a moment the crane turned upside down. I think it should be not allowed to build a crane on a rover or a shuttle, or it should be allowed to move it. The only solution I can give you is to dig under this crane, then cover it, and build another one. Well, that's what I did.
  15. Yeah, I bought this game. Could never lauinch it ^^