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  1. This also put my character floating underground and I had to re-load my save to get out from underground. When I re-loaded the habitat was stuck on the truck and the black rock orb terrain that the habitat creates was flipping around and going wild. Build Mouse & Keyboard
  2. I put a habitat on a large storage on top of a truck and then when the truck got flipped over I tried to use TAB to flip the truck back, but instead it put me inside the habitat and deployed it. It also makes that slot of the truck unusable like the habitat is still attached.
  3. Ah well if that's how it is supposed to be where platforms are the end of the line then the game shouldn't let you build them in the middle of a line. That way you can't accidentally mess it up.
  4. I built a long row of crafting stations in this way: 1. Use Resin to extend a line from habitat. Do not use resin to turn it into a blank crafting station yet! 2. Extend the line you just created, like a chain, until you have at least 3 undeveloped crafting stations. 3. Put any power source on the undeveloped station closest to your habitat. I tried big solar, big wind turbine, and big battery. 4. Build the middle station into a Condenser. 5. Build the end station into a Vehicle Bay. The Condenser does not get power from the power source (not sure if intentional). The Vehic
  5. Followup: The first two methods I listed (shift-click method and pick up then drop on character method) make the tethers disappear for me even when there are no tethers in the backpack.
  6. Steam, KB & Mouse. Same issue as OP. Here are the different ways I tried it. With a full stack of tethers in backpack: Picking up a tether with shift + click causes it to disappear. Picking up a tether by clicking it then clicking the character (not with backpack open) causes it to disappear. With backpack open, picking up a tether and dropping it onto a partial stack of tether or empty slot works fine. With full stack AND partial stack of tethers in backpack: Same behavior for the 3 different methods as with only a full stack.