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  1. So much want, so much beacons.In the topic says that for the beacon, you can choose color + icon. ИМХО =)
  2. Ох, как я тебя понимаю =) So... Some ideas include instrument and terraforming is quite justified. The idea to select the plane by three points I would add the ability to select more than 3 points and leveling is not a plane but a curved (smooth) surface. The idea about automation of resource allocation is gorgeous. Himself lacks.
  3. At the forum we talked a lot about various gadgets (radar, card scanner, sonar, etc.). The format is different from the ideas. I have wound singing idea to get you started to realize these ideas. Let us first make the wrist computer for astronaut. You can do different kinds of visualization for different ideas on the screen of the computer. Like this =)
  4. Hmm... But the topic is discussed the mechanics of the global use of oxygen. On the contrary, to significantly increase the volume of the tank (or reduce the rate of oxygen consumption). At the same time, to make the oxygen at the bases and transport limited with the ability to build up the infrastructure of its production.In other words, to take a trip on a transport or on another planet, will have to bring a tank of oxygen and set it on the transport. But it is not those tanks that are installed in the suits, and large, which are printed on the printer. These tanks can contain from 15 to 30
  5. Significantly reduce the lighting in caves and at night. And that night, as day =)Add in craft lamps/flood lights with power consumption.Add the ability to turn on the high (strong) light cars with power consumption.
  6. Nobody says that the oxygen extraction will have to deal with constantly. Oxygen will end only at the beginning, and if nothing is done to normalize its production. - Build some mines on the field - Build several hydroponics - Yes. And you can find also in the ruins =) And yet! Oxygen is the primary base - again is infinite (if you follow the energy, of course). But if you want to fly to another planet - you need to take care of what there is to breathe.
  7. Very good. If we combine this idea with the following post: And by pressing the shortcut key - there is a bigger picture with the results of sensing / scanning, and so on ...
  8. That's right =) If you need to quickly descend into the deep gorge and quickly climb the steep hill. With the deformation of the surface is only interesting for the first time. In the hundred and first time it is very tiring =)
  9. Raised tag beacons, bases and transport is not very clear. Moreover, for some reason they closed clouds that are not natural. The idea is the following: - Give the opportunity to choose the color for the beacon - Beacon will be displayed as a point with the selected color on the compass - The further character of the beacon, the dimmer will burn point and disappear if the beacon is beyond the horizon of the planet. (Including elevation) - For base and transport displaying their pieces.
  10. In fact, if you say that the game must be simple and clear - it is right. But it should be fun and. Just something to do (or not to do =)) - is a job. A plunge into the world created by designers and assume the role of a hero - it's better, is not it? When I started the game, the first thing I felt, this is the spirit of Cosmic Odyssey, Martian and so on ... (Remember, these people have had a lot of resources, but they were limited. Oxygen is one of them). I felt like a character in a strange and dangerous world. All of this is subjective, but if the developers want the same, the need t
  11. I agree, but there is also a view. It is necessary not to fly. It is needed to overcome low obstacles and small pits. Moreover, the jetpack is part of the researcher's toolbox: -reaktivny satchel -tros / winch (by car) -hook / pick I add from myself that the jetpack can be not only the planet, but also the open space.
  12. The oxygen, which can result in all - this is one of the important factors of survival. By the middle of the game, the problem with the lack of oxygen at the bases will be absent, but the danger will travel between bases or very long traveling. This adds a third element of the game that will stand between the construction of the base (fixed) and travel.
  13. At the moment, it is not difficult to survive in the distance from the base. And if you have a vehicle, it is quite simple. Further, with the machine that the player is no longer tied to the database. In most cases, no need to use filters or to produce oxygen. For example, for 30 minutes to build the first car, and with his help, for 1-2 hours to open all the technology (at the moment). It would be more realistic (good realism). The game is very atmospheric, I would like to feel yourself in the "alien world" for real. By a long and dangerous journey you need to prepare, is not it?