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  1. Hello! I am on xbox one, using an elite controller. I am having a bug where when I attach (some) items to the truck, it spins out of control or flys into the air. When I take the item off the truck it stops (If I can catch it), and sometimes I can re-attach it and it's fine, and other times it is not. I've notice it happening with re-searchable items, and I had some sort of debris around a crashed spaceship I was able to pick up that it happened to (this was the first time it happened).
  2. MsGunBunny

    Anti-Gravity rod?

    No I don't, I honestly didn't even think about recording it, I should have. It is the first bit of debris next to a ship that I was ever able to pick up.
  3. MsGunBunny

    Anti-Gravity rod?

    It definitely may have been a bug. I did pick up a rod and put it on my truck, and that's when it happened. I was just seeing if it happened to anyone else. Not sure if it was purposeful or a bug.
  4. MsGunBunny

    Anti-Gravity rod?

  5. MsGunBunny

    Debris around crashed spacecraft

    I definitely picked up a rod earlier (not sure what it was) and thought it was cool that I could pick it up, since most of the debris you cannot. I put it on my truck, and instead of snapping to a snap point storage spot, it snapped to the center, when I put the rod onto my truck, it flew up into the air and starting spining around and flying... I coudn't get it down and eventually it flew up high and dissapeared... I'm not sure if this is a glitch, or if it was some sort of anti-gravity rod. It was very funny, but then I was really sad.. because it was the first truck I made, and I had JUST gotten it (like 2 minutes sooner)... oh well. Was funny at least.
  6. MsGunBunny

    Loading Old Games (Xbox One)

    Thanks guys! I haven't tried the D-pad yet, but I'll give that a go. I did find out that it is indeed holding down left trigger, and selecting the arrow with "right trigger" to move it, that does work.
  7. MsGunBunny

    Anti-Gravity rod?

    Sooo.. I had just made my first truck (was super excited!) and went exploring... I found a crashed space ship (I've found several) and started digging around it. I found this rod, and was able to pick it up. No idea what it was... so I decided to put it on my truck and take it back... then something weird happened. My truck sprang into the air and started spinning around. I wasn't able to get it down, and eventually it dissapeared... then I suffocated because well... I was out in the middle of nowhere and couldn't find any oxygen. So was just curious if anyone else found one of these rods. I"m not sure if it was meant to be an anti-gravity thing, or if it was just a glitch. Anyone else find this? lol. It was pretty funny even though I am mourning my first truck.... now to find more ****ing aluminum.
  8. Hello! I'm on Xbox One, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to load old saved games. I can see them, and I know you have to "arrow over" to select them but I cannot figure out how to do that. I press left trigger to pull up my cursor, then put my cursor over the arrow, and I've tried pressing "A" and I think I've tried pressing "Right Trigger" on the arrow, and all it does is launch a new game...