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  1. Also, I would like to add that if there isn't an available slot on the platform for the smelter to put the resource, it will just suck in the material and not put anything out. Multiple times i've put in four things and only gotten three resources back. it should at least drop the resource on the ground like when your backpack is full while using the tool.
  2. Either that or an actual storage base module that can hold a huge inventory of resources, almost like a vault or something.
  3. Lol i just want a monkey/ dog pet/ NPC of some sort :D, I don't really care if they do anything other than just follow you around, and maybe point out danger or something haha.
  4. hey all i'm sayin is you don't always have to think about things working out realistically especially when it comes to a video game lol. maybe in the 25th century dogs have evolved to smell through almost anything, or maybe their space suits come with an adapter that allows them to smell the environment outside. It would take two seconds to come up with some make believe reason a dog can smell through their suit 4 centuries from now haha
  5. yeah well toxic gas can also get through our space suits, so I'd think it quite possible for a dog to be able to smell through its suit in this game. Cuz if this was a game tryin to be super realistic then we wouldn't be gettin killed by gas... Just sayin.
  6. I think that there should be something unique about each different astronaut choice besides just their appearance. For example, one could run faster, while the other has more power/ oxygen or something. Either that or the ability to customize your own astronaut, and give them one special preset characteristic I think would be pretty cool. Maybe even a unique starting gadget for each different astronaut. I don't know tell me what you guys think.
  7. I was thinking that you should be able to name the planets you land on too! It would go along with the whole space pioneer thing, since when someone discovers a star/ planet, they are the ones who get to name it. I think the same should go for planets we discover in Astroneer! Also it would be cool to have your own custom flag to plant in the planet once you land on it, like when the United States landed on the moon ;).
  8. I see a lot of people wanting a robot companion, but how about a dog/ monkey companion? I only say this because Dogs and monkeys have been goin to space earlier than us humans, so why would they stop in the 25th century? hahaha Also they could each have unique attributes. For example maybe the dog could somehow sniff out a certain resource you are looking for, while a monkey could climb somewhere/ do other human like chores for the human, since monkeys have opposable thumbs and are masters of climbing and all that. Plus I think it would be awesome to see what kind of space suit you
  9. So it says that i can opt in to a beta mode if i want by going to the beta tree, but I have no clue where it is... i'm kinda new here obviously lol, can someone please help this newbie out?
  10. maybe instead of double clicking, since there are times when you have to click to adjust the camera pretty rapidly, but instead an unused button that toggles it on or off, seeing as you wouldn't really need to switch between camera modes all that rapidly in most situations. it would be like pressing select when playing GTA or something.
  11. After further gameplay, there are totally times where manual control of the camera by clicking right is necessary; I honestly barely even notice it now. Having options though would be nice, but you are right there are times where it is completely necessary. It's just a little weird sometimes when you're carrying something like materials or a research object, because the character will move whatever direction the crosshairs are going without moving the camera, and it just takes getting used to for a little bit because that's not how the character acts when he isn't carrying an object.
  12. Why though? It takes an enormous amount of wind to make a sandstorm possible, so why wouldn't it generate energy with the turbines? Also i'd like to add i've had it been a completely windy day, and the wind turbine wasn't moving at all, but if i held it 6 feet in the air it would start spinning. Furthermore, i've had a wind turbine spinning on one side of the machine, and on the other side it's completely still. Still like the game, but the wind needs some work for sure.
  13. Almost every time I spawn into the game my rover is trying to float off into space. The last time a lot of the materials I didn't have space for in storage that were laying around were floating in place about 6 feet or so off the ground, but surprisingly the rover was planted firmly on the ground for the first time. It's more funny than anything, but I feel like this isn't supposed to be happening lol. I'm running the game on a 2016 dell xps 15 through steam. Awesome game btw, keep up the good work!
  14. I was driving the rover with the wind turbine you can create from the backpack on the back during a sandstorm, but the wind turbine didn't spin at all or give the rover any additional power, even when completely stopped. works with normal wind though.
  15. Is it just me, or is clicking a button to move the camera seem just a little unnecessary? why not just make it like every other game and have just moving the mouse like normal control the camera? For example make the camera like work just like H1Z1; I know the two games are nothing alike, but their camera controls/ crosshair controls coincide as one, and I think that's how this game should be. if you want to look around without changing the direction the player is facing then by all means leave the right click camera turning just for that, but having to click the right mouse button while movin