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  1. So cool to run into the Astroneer booth at PAX! Thanks for the ID badge!
  2. Patch note #7 totally makes me want to spend the weekend exploring! Good luck with the move guys! This game is amazing, and actually pushes me in school to do better; I'm a CS and ITAD student, and the idea of one day possibly working in my hometown for a company like this is great motivation. Keep up the good work!
  3. Ever played any game recently? they're all 3D. The best example I can give you of a mini-map that works well with multiple levels is the maps on all the fallout games. It's 3d, with caves, tunnels, and buildings all with multiple levels and it has a map that works. Once the player changes levels, the map changes with them. Not to mention we live in a 3D world and have plenty of maps that work well with all the caves/tunnels/buildings us humans have created over the years lol. Not trying to be mean, but the whole it's 3D, therefore it's impossible to make a mini-map to resemble that is kind of a silly thought.
  4. Artificially made landscapes around my base are invisible when you first start game, and don't appear until you hop out of the vehicle/ habitat you started game in. the two pictures below are before I step out of my vehicle on the moon, and after. Doesn't hurt much since it appears once I get out, but it's still strange.
  5. should be in bugs/ stuff, but this is what I was talking about on my previous post. You load the game, and it looks like the platform is floating in space, but when you get out everything is cool...
  6. It would still be cool to find a halo relic that you couldn't get in trouble for by 343 for by putting it in the game. like a broken robot that kinda looks like Guilty Spark, or somethin cool lol. Oh and Adam since you're here, there's a really annoying bug sometimes when you land at a terminal on a planet, when you get out the character is stuck halfway inbetween the ground. it fixes itself after some jumping, but still strange. Also sometimes when loading a save, if there was added terrain or something around the base, it is invisible until you actually get out of the hub.
  7. The unique number, and Adam putting 117 in quotes on the patch branch just got me thinking. Obviously a majority of the team came from 343, which is pretty much known for ruining the halo series (not blaming anyone on this current team, just sayin halo 3 was the last good halo). Furthermore, everybody knows that the number 117 in the Halo community refers to Master Chief. So my question is; Did you guys purposely name the patch 117 and add a halo easter egg? Or is it some crazy coincidence that a bunch of devs from 343 accidentally made a patch 117 without even thinking about what those three numbers mean. It's probably the latter, but how cool would it be to find Master Chief's Helmet in a cave somewhere, or some sort of master chief Easter egg. I mean I know that 343, but this patch number 117 can't help but get me thinking about easter eggs getting added in.
  8. Yeah, the game is pretty new. Maybe just pick up the beacons after you're done with an area for now? I had to stop building so many platforms because that was lagging my game out.
  9. You posted in the right spot man. This thread's topic is any type of bug in general. An upside down vehicle bay definitely seems like a bug to me. A thread is just a post about a certain topic that one person starts, and other people can chime in with their facts/ opinions. Hope that helped!
  10. I was playing on one of my saves with the .111 patch with a friend earlier today. After we built a truck and added two rovers to it as trailers, there was an extreme fps drop, and the game just started to become extremely laggy for me. I decided to call it quits for a little bit, and went to have Christmas dinner. When I came back, the game was still extremely laggy. I did have a lot of base modules branching off, and tethers/ vehicles all over (not to mention one floatin in orbit somewhere), so maybe it's because of that, but it just sucks I have to quit this base for now until it gets fixed
  11. Almost every time I spawn into the game my rover is trying to float off into space. The last time a lot of the materials I didn't have space for in storage that were laying around were floating in place about 6 feet or so off the ground, but surprisingly the rover was planted firmly on the ground for the first time. It's more funny than anything, but I feel like this isn't supposed to be happening lol. I'm running the game on a 2016 dell xps 15 through steam. Awesome game btw, keep up the good work!