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    Xp system

    Guys i have this idea where we can have an xp system. What do i mean ?I mean, the resources which we collect could give us sertain amounts of xp based on what resources we are mining the more rare a resource the more xp we get. What do we do with xp? You level up and expept of every resource being availible from the beggining you will have to unlock it like lets say engrams work in ark survival evolved. Hope u liked this small idea and feel free to leave a comment
  2. panosval02

    Creative tool upgrades

    I have this idea where the creative tool that we use now to mine everythink can be slowly be upgradable. What do i mean? I mean thatexcpet of us collecting every resource from the beggining we will be only to collect some basic resources like resing, compound and organic and then if u would want to collect alluminium/couper u would have to create a new thing on the game called the workbench and after u created the workbench you could pay a certain amount of compound or somethink and then your creative tool will be upgraded and u can collect more things. Or excpet of us paying compound to upgrade out tools we can have an economy and expcet of having only one tool for mining everythink tohave multiple tools that can only mine certain resources based on there level and what the tool is. Hope u liked me idea and fill free to comment down below.
  3. panosval02

    Printer Request - Snapping Panels

    I think the community of astroneer are already looking into this for sometime in the feature
  4. panosval02

    NEW ITEMS LIST - Post yours [Week 2]

    Wow i dont thing anyone has put soo much effort in creating a topic such as this one.Well done amazing ideas by the way ad dont forget base building and even a first person mode.
  5. panosval02

    Get rid of clicking button to control camera

    We are lucky its not like no mans sky where you would have to hold clicking in the menu. And nice idea
  6. panosval02

    Trading among friends.

    I think this would be an amazing idea
  7. I think it would be cool if they added base building in the game, different creatures/animals that when u kill them give u sertain materials and the creatures difficulty depends on how far you are from your starting point and in which planet.And also maybe weapons and first person.This are just some ideas u guys dont have to agree to any of them if you dont like them but if 1 of this features was added it would be nice