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  1. Hi @Hardcase ! So yes in the end it is about the same I think : one slot is taken forever. I was thinking the same : if there is no free slot, the result should be thrown in the air, like crafting in your bag when full. Thanks for sharing your part of the bug. Sincerly, Nezu.
  2. Thank you for such an amazing game. From my friend and me. We are playing it more and more it's even better in co-op.
  3. @Wyvyrias Thanks for fixing the title! After reading my post again, I really felt like it would be understand as trash talk lol... I did not want that! I think it is because english is not my native language so the wording is not very smart... Anyway, I am trying to report all the bugs I am seeing. Have a nice evening and see you another time!
  4. @Wyvyrias I do understand people understand it as an aggressive demand BUT it was not the purpose.. I would be less ashamed if you fixed my title. Or just delete the post as there is nothing important in it. Just do what you want, you got the keys!
  5. I don't know if the title is understandable but I blocked an item after trying to melt a mineral when there was no free slot in the smelter nor in my bag. Basically I had 2 big batteries attached to the smelter so there was no free space, and my bag was full, when I tried to melt the mineral, it got stucked into the "result slot" and then I tried to melt another so in unblock it, removing the battery so it can move into one of the slots but instead it got blocked into the slot. See the video to understand more I guess... Thanks for reading, have a great day ______________ Mouse
  6. @Veltox Yes this game is just too good for refunding it in my opinion, I just over reacted after playing 4 straight hours @25FPS lol... May I add you in Steam if you use Steam? So we can try play in co-op ? Thanks bye
  7. Hi Payno_Attention. I realised afterward when going to sleep that I was exagerating. I just wanted to have a real answer about officials and I kinda over reacted because my eyes were burning after 4 hours of gaming at 25FPS... Hi Kygar, I understand you don't like caps but I think it's more viewable if a title is written with caps on. But ok I did use yoir tutorial to keep it off. Thanks for your answers guys
  8. Hello to the Astroneer Developers First of all I'd like to say thank you for the amazingness of the game. I think it is much better than another well known open world game with cubes in it and it deserves to shine. But I'm not here to tell all the aspects why I love your game. I'm here to tell you a very bad reason of why I'm probably going to refund your game soon. So I started playing it yesterday and I loved it at first. I had some troubles understanding all things but after some 1 hour I was ready to explore the whole world. I started putting tethers one by one in
  9. Basically got that game after I buy H1Z1 and got refunded cause the game is unplayable... Now Steam will laugh their ass off when I ask them to refund Astroneer... I think I am not doing it today but it's grinding my gears. I'm also disappointed because I love the game but it's unplayable so I'll have to refund it if it's not fixed... Maybe we will have some answers from Era-ers ? Have a nice day.
  10. Nezu

    How do I...?

    Thanks a lot. How do I save settings in Audio for exemple I put all audio channels off and press ESC or ENTER and it does nothing
  11. Hi Veltox, I was about to create a similar thread but since you already did it i'll just post my specs here. I have about the same bug as you, except I assume it is maybe not (only) due to building but also due to the high presence of tether. I've been exploring a lot yesterday night, and at first, FPS was some 140 but the more I explored and the more I put extension, the less FPS I had.