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  1. Pooikooi

    Blog updates

    @kozmonot well i was talking about Blog updates ,not about the game. so i can see the progress of that game.
  2. Pooikooi

    Blog updates

    Can we have weekly (Or more) blog updates from the devs, because I really want to know what the devs are making .
  3. Pooikooi

    I died from gas?!?!

    Filters don't work for Acid Gas. Devs said that the "gas" is acid gas which damages your suit.
  4. Maybe they can make that you can grab the output of 1 Energie cable en put it in the other that would be pretty cool.
  5. Pooikooi


    @redfish We will see what the devs want, but i think a helicopter is cooler.
  6. Pooikooi


    Yes that will fix that problem. The flying to fast part and having problems with lagg can probably be fixed with optimization.
  7. Pooikooi


    The devs talked in their livestream about adding an air vehicle, so i'm happy :). for the people that care they also talked about, new weather, rockets that you can control, sorting system, and some more.
  8. Pooikooi


    @Freddy Wel i was talking about air vehicles that couldn't leave a planet's atmosphere. When you run out of fuel you just fall out of the air. You made some great points about being stuck in space, Maybe they could implement a return pod so if you are stuck in space you could use that. (you maybe lose the ship, or it will come back on its own)
  9. Pooikooi


    @ Cocoasip Maybe even being able to carry a small car with a hitch so you can pick up 4 researchpots at a time.
  10. Pooikooi


    @LeNUTRIE Metanolo yes i think so too but air vehicles aren't on the road map. There is Space vehicles (which could include air vehicles but i also want vehicles that fly that can't leave a planet.) @Danqrl same story here. If you wanne check out the road map here:(https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-road-map-planning)
  11. Pooikooi


    Jetpacks are cool but air vehicles can be way more usefull. A jettpack is for short-range if you are stuck in a cave. And you can lift stuff with a helicopter/drone.
  12. Pooikooi

    Inprove mines

    Hello everyone. The mines right now are kinde useless. They need a bigger explosion so you can use them for mining. And maby make them crafteble (maybe from coal and iron or something) 1 iron and 1 coal makes 5 mines
  13. Pooikooi

    Ideas For Resource Systems

    ''I also would suggest playing around with atmospheric density along side of gravity. For instance in ultra deep areas you could experience super dense gas that would be travel next to impossible'' That would be really cool. maybe some more dangers in caves like cave-ins. Water/Magma/gas that can flood in your cave.
  14. Pooikooi


    yeah there is a lot of cool stuff you can do with flying vehicles. if they run out of fuel/power i want them to fall out of the air that could be really funny in multiplayer.
  15. Pooikooi

    Have you guys found anything usual?

    i have seen iron, but there is no use for it. Correct me if i'm wrong.