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  1. Isotonic

    Is this a joke?

    "lost like 3-4 hours of play due to not saving."
  2. Isotonic

    xbox not getting 1.0 update

    Not sure what you mean by refresh button, but: Options > Manage Game triggered the update for me.
  3. Isotonic

    Xbox release

    Great minds... 😁
  4. Isotonic

    Xbox release

    2nd post in this thread says 8AM Pacific Starndard Time. Let me google that for you. 8AM PST = 4PM GMT
  5. They announced the release date a day or two ago... everywhere but here, it seems. Check Google news. It's Feb 6.
  6. Isotonic

    Using Terrain Analyzer to Paint

    Thanks for your reply. I wasn't sure it was a bug. For the record: Rover Update - May 8th, 2018, Xbox One.
  7. I can't seem to get this working. I can create new terrain of the sampled colour, but when I combine it with the inhibitor in order to paint terrain without deforming it, it won't work. I've tried mounting them to the tool in various orders, tried up, down, flat...
  8. Isotonic

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    I'm mostly loving the last couple of updates but would you please, please just make each vehicle in a train independently powered, as their modular design suggests? We can slap a seat on any chassis and it becomes an autonomous vehicle. Clearly, each has a motor, battery and drive-train. It makes no sense that if you string 2 or more together, the front one has to do all the work pulling the others, killing the overall performance and utility (and enjoyment). If it's too problematic to deal with each trailer's performance being influenced by it's own load (meaning they'd run at different speeds), a quick solution would be to simply multiply the torque of the first car by the total number of cars in the train. i.e. as far as the programming is concerned, the front one still does the pulling.
  9. Isotonic

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    START A NEW GAME, as you should expect to do with any major update.
  10. Isotonic

    PS4 Release?

    Just boot in Windows via Bootcamp, which comes pre-installed (need to buy the Windows OS though). Now you've got a PC.
  11. How about a vegetation-gathering augment that is always an early item researched (always just before/after generator)? i.e. the terrain tool would ignore vegetation without it. It would serve two purposes: 1. Prevent unwanted veg pick-ups, which happen too often and too randomly. Veg gathering as a resource is something you only want to happen at specific times, like any other resource. 2. Nice early introdution to the concept of augments. New players will immediately know that it's a thing, and that they can find more if they research.
  12. Isotonic

    "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    The truck feels kind of weightless when empty but now handles MUCH better when under load or with large storage attached. I never used to bother with large storage because the vehicle became so top-heavy. I haven't rolled once yet. No troubles here with floaters either. RE vehicle controls, I think you should take a peek at the Runner vehicle in Borderlands 2. It's the same sort of 4-wheel-steering buggy and it handles flawlessly. Based on the Unreal engine too Love the gurgling vents!
  13. Isotonic

    Strange item

  14. Isotonic

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    Same here. I think it's a draw-distance thing. +1 Actually I take that back. It's not a draw-distance thing.