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  1. The ability to choose when and where a Medium Storage unit unfolds to the flat position. If it’s on the Ground, if it’s in the middle of a Platform, or if it’s on a Vehicle. Not just when it is on the side of a Large Platform B. However, I feel if there was a button hovering over the Medium Storage unit, it would cause clutter, so I recommend achieving this a different way. Perhaps a button press while holding the item, I’m not sure.
  2. valevma

    Toggle Medium Storage Position

    Either whatever the control for it is, I just want to be able to unfold the medium storage whenever we want so we can neatly organize items on platforms all nice and flat. That feature should be the focus. I’d really like it to actually happen that’d be swell.
  3. valevma

    Toggle Medium Storage Position

    It should be the same way you turn machines on and off, where you hover over and hold the button, I play on Xbox so it would be holding the X button, I'm not sure on PC, but they have a whole keyboard of options so finding the right control shouldn't be an issue either way.
  4. valevma

    Toggle Medium Storage Position

    Yes, I realized shortly after posting that there is some easy solutions to how it would be done,for example like that; holding a button for a short time while hovering over it.
  5. valevma

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Another thing that drives me nuts is placing the tethers down right as I disconnect, knowing in the back of my mind that there is definitely at least a foot of unused length that I could have taken advantage of, overall extending the length that my tether bundle will go, but I just place them down the easy way cause I’m not going to adjust every single one. Maybe an automated mode for tether dropping that allows for the longest line without a doubt. I also thought a little animation for tether dropping would be nice like dropping a little disk that is the top of the tether then it jumps up and extends into the little tripod. It’d be cute and cool.
  6. valevma

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Tethers that clip through the ground drive me nuts, I always dig around the line so they aren’t doing that, make them drag on the ground if they have to and don’t allow them to connect through large bits of terrain, they must need a line of sight, maybe have them flicker when they’re clipping through the ground and make the next tether work, should allow for more strategic placement when building tether lines adding a new element to something already in the game. Another idea to solve my nit picky issue is make any tether extendable, press and hold a button when ya’ cursor over a tether to interact with it and activate its extending function, it extends like a pole, raising the line to avoid obstacles. added with the new rule that the lines don’t work anymore when passing though an obstacle. Another thing about tethers that’s more practical to fix, is when they attached to like a hundred base platforms at one time, just allow for one base connection please!
  7. valevma

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    The rendering and pop-in seriously needs to be improved, I can’t imagine someone taking the full release version seriously if that isn’t fixed. rocks and grass and plants and even the shape of the terrain popping in from 2 meters away doesn’t look good at all.
  8. valevma

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    ability to toggle the personal compass compass for vehicles ability to toggle your flashlight easier way to carry larger items by hand a more compact storage system like crates that you can store items in sensitivity sliders for the cursors, the general cursor, the terrain tool, maybe a seperate one for when holding LT using the terrain tool for classic deforming or whatever control it is for PC fix wires that twist and turn when in certain areas on a planet surface like the equator tethers that clip through the ground drive me nuts make them drag on the ground if they have to and don’t allow them to connect through large bits of terrain, should allow for more strategic placement when building tether lines adding a new element to something already in the game improve painting terrain, often some triangles will not allow you to paint them for some unknown reason, very annoying when trying to paint large areas and one spot is seemingly unpaintable
  9. valevma

    adandoned bases

    A salvage machine that recycles the disconnected pieces of crashed ships into metal recources?
  10. valevma

    Compass Support

    I’m trying to explore in my large train caravan. But when I want to come home, I have to get out of my vehicle to just look at the compass. I Suggest compass support for vehicles! More importantly, I suggest a way to toggle the compass under the character! A compass hologram that is consistently underneath the character, instead of having to hover the cursor over them(which is not the most convenient thing to do on the console). If we are to explore, let’s make this game built for exploring! Please and Thank You. Love everything you’re doing SystemEra.
  11. I hate to mess up the floor of the cave, and make it look all lumpy, and hard to walk around in, but those gas bags are far worse. I dislike tearing up the land just to get rid of them. If only there was some way I could befriend them, or you could just add support so a terrain tool with the inhibitor Mod can still uproot them.
  12. valevma

    Grapple Hook

    Also in this is my concept art for a 360 degree fish bowl helmet that I hope will be in the game some day.
  13. valevma

    Grapple Hook

    I would like a grapple hook to be added to the game. Grapple Hooks are Fun. A Grapple Hook is an improvement to any game it is added to; no explanations needed; very self explanatory. I’ve included a couple illustrations if there’s any confusion about my suggestion.
  14. valevma

    Grapple Hook

    Legitimately there are situations in caves, where I wish I could rappel down instead of making some wonky ramp down. I think we should reserve the large ramp building for when you expand your cave operation and start a vehicle transit of Research Units. I really dislike messing up the natural shape of the land.
  15. valevma

    Automatic On/Off Lights

    I agree!
  16. I'm having an issue with the game that could be unintentional, or is just a part of the game, and just a personal problem. Thats why I'm posting it here, because I'm not sure where it belongs? Anyway Recently it seems that the Astroneer's head light is Always on, even in the day light, and I'm almost certain this wasn't always the case. It makes things that I'm looking at in the daylight, absurdly bright, and it's just unsightly, and makes no sense to have on always. If anyone can confirm for me that this is a bug, and is not the intention of the developers, I will fill out a proper form for it as a bug.
  17. valevma

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    I encountered something of a bug/performance issue with this build of the game on XboxOne. This was discovered while attempting to turn music all the way down to see how the game felt without music. I tested it quite a bit afterward to discover that it seems that changing any of the settings, in any amount, wether it be 7 brightness, or 98 Ambient Effects Volume, or Invert Camera Y-Axis On, as soon as the click "APPLY AND RESUME" button, there is a massive drop in framerate. This can be worked around by exiting to the main menu, and loading the save game again, and I noticed my changed settings are still be applied, and the game runs perfectly fine like normal. I have no idea if this is an important factor or not, but I am what's called an Xbox Insider Member, Alpha Ring, which means I have an updated OS running on my console, which is far ahead of most people's OS, and is experimental.
  18. Summary: Terrain Analzyer Does Not Absorb On XboxOne 0.3.10197.0 Description: Terrain Analyzer will Not absorb any color. Attempted multiple times. Attempted with nothing slotted in my backpack, and nothing slotted in my Terrain Tool Except for the Terrain Analyzer. Tried with the Inhibitor, still does not absorb. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.3.10197.0
  19. I have not tried the controls because I'm on XboxOne, and I think it's probably more important to get this testing on XboxOne, because we have no other choice but to use a controller. Is it possible to add this experimental control type in the Options of the start menu? I hope eventually you give players the option of what controls they prefer later on, like say control type 1, control type 2, maybe as far as allowing to map certain controls.
  20. I noticed that they fixed the Short Astroneer of a thing I've mentioned before. Their arms no longer clip into their legs! However for the fix for this they made their legs longer! And I preferred their legs the length they were, now it looks weird for the Astroneer when they run! Other than that piece I have to voice, I have an idea! What do you think about having the option as to what color you have on your suit? You can notice when playing friends that they have different colors, but the host is Always blue! Let us choose colors?(that aren't already taken by other players? As to keep the function of the color coded terrain markers and such.)
  21. valevma

    Opinions on Worklights, people

    I think they're kinda trash, don't light up enough. Now idk if this is an XB1 issue or just how the game works, or if it's always been this way(because I don't remember it) but the headlight now is Always on, even in the daylight, which makes things you're looking at extremely bright, not only this, it's so bright that the wimpy worklights can't even help if you wanted them to, they're useless because you already have the brightest light in the game that's always on, and always pointing in the direction of whatever you're looking at. I say give me the option to turn off my headlight. Then I can have fun with worklights.
  22. Now this is not necessarily a bug. Each new game you start has Crystal Clear 60FPS I'm pretty sure, but over time, with each new base installment you create, becomes less and less. Now this has improved a lot by the team already, but it only had delayed the moment that you start experiencing an average lower framerate, as low as 30 or worse. Now Multiplayer is the Real issue. When a player joins the host's game on Xbox One, the Host's framerate immediately drops to levels aforementioned. The joined player that's not the host, does not receive any framerate drop.
  23. valevma

    No to hunger

    Pretty much all of the people I've seen expressing their opinion on the topic of hunger, it's been a staggering landslide"No to Hunger" majority, so idk why waste time on it, no one wants it.
  24. valevma

    Can we talk about hunger?

    I think eating food should be something that, while being more effort to acquire, Rewards the player, INSTEAD of something that punishes the player for not partaking in it at all. That's my final word on it.