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  1. Either whatever the control for it is, I just want to be able to unfold the medium storage whenever we want so we can neatly organize items on platforms all nice and flat. That feature should be the focus. I’d really like it to actually happen that’d be swell.
  2. It should be the same way you turn machines on and off, where you hover over and hold the button, I play on Xbox so it would be holding the X button, I'm not sure on PC, but they have a whole keyboard of options so finding the right control shouldn't be an issue either way.
  3. Yes, I realized shortly after posting that there is some easy solutions to how it would be done,for example like that; holding a button for a short time while hovering over it.
  4. The ability to choose when and where a Medium Storage unit unfolds to the flat position. If it’s on the Ground, if it’s in the middle of a Platform, or if it’s on a Vehicle. Not just when it is on the side of a Large Platform B. However, I feel if there was a button hovering over the Medium Storage unit, it would cause clutter, so I recommend achieving this a different way. Perhaps a button press while holding the item, I’m not sure.
  5. Another thing that drives me nuts is placing the tethers down right as I disconnect, knowing in the back of my mind that there is definitely at least a foot of unused length that I could have taken advantage of, overall extending the length that my tether bundle will go, but I just place them down the easy way cause I’m not going to adjust every single one. Maybe an automated mode for tether dropping that allows for the longest line without a doubt. I also thought a little animation for tether dropping would be nice like dropping a little disk that is the top of the tether then it jumps up and
  6. Tethers that clip through the ground drive me nuts, I always dig around the line so they aren’t doing that, make them drag on the ground if they have to and don’t allow them to connect through large bits of terrain, they must need a line of sight, maybe have them flicker when they’re clipping through the ground and make the next tether work, should allow for more strategic placement when building tether lines adding a new element to something already in the game. Another idea to solve my nit picky issue is make any tether extendable, press and hold a button when ya’ cursor over a tether
  7. The rendering and pop-in seriously needs to be improved, I can’t imagine someone taking the full release version seriously if that isn’t fixed. rocks and grass and plants and even the shape of the terrain popping in from 2 meters away doesn’t look good at all.
  8. ability to toggle the personal compass compass for vehicles ability to toggle your flashlight easier way to carry larger items by hand a more compact storage system like crates that you can store items in sensitivity sliders for the cursors, the general cursor, the terrain tool, maybe a seperate one for when holding LT using the terrain tool for classic deforming or whatever control it is for PC fix wires that twist and turn when in certain areas on a planet surface like the equator tethers that clip through the ground drive me nuts make them drag on the gro
  9. A salvage machine that recycles the disconnected pieces of crashed ships into metal recources?
  10. I’m trying to explore in my large train caravan. But when I want to come home, I have to get out of my vehicle to just look at the compass. I Suggest compass support for vehicles! More importantly, I suggest a way to toggle the compass under the character! A compass hologram that is consistently underneath the character, instead of having to hover the cursor over them(which is not the most convenient thing to do on the console). If we are to explore, let’s make this game built for exploring! Please and Thank You. Love everything you’re doing SystemEra.
  11. I hate to mess up the floor of the cave, and make it look all lumpy, and hard to walk around in, but those gas bags are far worse. I dislike tearing up the land just to get rid of them. If only there was some way I could befriend them, or you could just add support so a terrain tool with the inhibitor Mod can still uproot them.
  12. Also in this is my concept art for a 360 degree fish bowl helmet that I hope will be in the game some day.
  13. Legitimately there are situations in caves, where I wish I could rappel down instead of making some wonky ramp down. I think we should reserve the large ramp building for when you expand your cave operation and start a vehicle transit of Research Units. I really dislike messing up the natural shape of the land.